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Better than a cookie sheet! - plus prizes to win


A few years ago while making a cabled sweater, there were all these posts on using a cookie sheet and magnets to keep track of where you were in the patterns.
Now there are some pretty fun ways to dress up a cookie sheet and make a chart tracker.
( Example A, Example B, Example C, Example D )

BUT: it doesn't fit in your knitting bag or a purse! Even those magnet boards in craft stores are not travel friendly usually. The magnets can get bumped around and slide off the line you are on if you do manage to squeeze it into your bag.

Luckily for us, there are many other options for our pattern keeping needs. (Even if you do not like to knit from charts, it will keep your patterns from becoming scraps of paper torn at the bottom of your project bag.)

Things I Have Found:
These are some of the creative tools that the Paradise Knitters and Spinners have found for their knitting bags.

Doc-It Flip N'Clip

I found this item at rite aid for about $3. It can be used vertically or horizontally. You can flip the cover up and move your post-it note around easily, then cover it up so it doesn't migrate elsewhere.

*Heavy duty patented report cover holds up to 25 sheets of paper
*Reports can be presented in landscape or portrait format
*With a flip of the clip easily rearrange pages

speaking of Post-its...
Post-It Graph Paper

This is great for when you are looking thru a stitchionary and need to jot the stitch pattern down and see what designs go together

Post-It Super Sticky Notes

No matter how often you move your postits around, they loose their stick and fall off your pattern at a crucial charting moment. These last much longer than regular postits!

Graph Gripper

Down Sunshine Lane is an online cross stitch shop. Where I discovered the graph gripper. It clipps to a cross stitch frame, TV tray. side of a laptop... and holds the snippets of notes, graph'd out sts on postit or index cards.... These are $6.25 each.

Knit Picks Magnetic Chart Keeper

The KP Chart Keeper is $14.99, a great add when you are trying to boost your cart and get free shipping from KP. :)
From our Knit/Spin group, Ariya says this about the KP Chart Keeper:
What I like:
-Magnetic closure clasp is reversible so holder can stand up like an easel
-Inside panels are also magnetic w/ magnetic strips to secure pattern & easily keep track of rows
-Comfortable size (not too big, not too small)
-Easy to use

What I don't like:
-External magnetic clasp occasionally gets pulled off in my bag

If you loose the magnets you can get replacements.

Erin.Lane Pattern Wallet

At Stitches East 2011, I discovered Lindsey of Erin.Lane bags. Her booth was a beam of sunshine with all the bright fabrics. My daughter needed one of her sock sized project bags....and it was a downward spiral into Joel Dewberry fabrics.
Erin.Lane pattern wallets are designed to be used with HIGHLIGHTER TAPE...did I mention Highlighter Tape? This is pretty cool stuff! But we also discovered that it works great with the static cling highlighter bookmarks. The edges are bound in ribbon which is not only elegant but adds extra durability.
What Kezziah says about her Erin.Lane:
"I love how compact it is and still keeps everything secure. It is cute. I can easily put it in my JordanaPaige Bella. Did I mention that it is cute? I like the plastic pattern cover, it makes it easy to read thru and flexible. I love the ribbon edging's texture and shine and it adds a pretty touch. It is super cute."

$25 and free shipping last I checked when you bought it from the etsy shop.

Highlighter Guides -static cling highlighter bookmarks.(pkg of 3 for $2.75)

Highlighter tape- $2.50-3.00

Slipped Stitches miPattern Wallet
The bright side of the dark side of Knitting!

Slipped stitches has some crazy amazing fabrics. My personal favourite is the ghastlies which has images akin to gorey sitting doing needle work. At Sock Summit I requested a custom chart keeper, sent Laura home with the fabric and quickly had my chart keeper and coordinating magnets. I have brought it with me on planes and car rides. The magnets are strong enough to have several layers of paper between them without sliding around. The new design has an extender so you can prop your chart wallet upright for a quick glance 9anti-glare plastic). The Notions Pocket allows you to safely, easily store your supplies in one spot out of the way, so it’s ready to go when you are!

What Sue says about her Custom Slipped Stitches miPattern Wallet:
"I love my pattern keeper and magnets from Slipped Stitches Studios! Especially since my baby is now crawling and into everything! Not only is my pattern sfae from ripping hands but also I always know where I am on the pattern with the magnets. She is an amazing seamstress who does a beautiful job and will take special orders."

What is wonderful about both Erin.Lane and Slipped Stitches is that you can coordinate all your knitting stuffs: Small-Large project bags, scissor fobs, pattern wallets... Choosing just one is where it gets tough! I will not admit publicly how many items I have from either one. :)

Electronic Pattern Keepers?
I adore my NookTablet!(Starting at $199-Member BN Discount available) The MicroSd card holds all my pdfs and I can easily keep track of where I am at with the EZpdf reader app ($2.99). On the Nook I also have several knitting books so I can easily find a tip or trick. The NookTablet is now even better with the various knitting magazines that can also be subscribed to.

Some Giveaways:
Slipped Stitches Sheepy Wallet, Erin.Lane Wallet. Doc-it FlipNClip, Graph Gripper

I have one of each to give away! The best part of enabling is getting to share the wealth of knowledge AND the fun products!

How to win?
Between now and April 23rd:
1-Follow this Blog and comment on this post that you did
2-Like YarnYenta Designs on Facebook and comment on this post that you did
3-Follow Yarn_Yenta on Twitter and comment on this post that you did.

  WINNERS! Talia with her broken hand, selected the following winners (you have to let a 6 yr old happy and let her pick winners ya know. it is better than random numbers.)
 Karenia- Wins the Erin.Lane pattern keeper
 Bobbie wins the Slipped Stitches mipattern keeper
 Vicki wins a Doc-It and a cool collection of knitting magnets 
Knits With Penguins wins a Doc-It and a cool collection of knitting magnets
Hannah wins a Doc-It and a cool collection of knitting magnets
MrsMizwins a Doc-It and Graphy PostIts
 Sue wins the graph gripper

 Thanks to everyone for playing along. I need some addresses, so keep and eye out for a message from me.


Bobbie said...

You enabler you! Ok so the highlighter it permanent? And since i can see through the doc protector, if I put it on th eoutside and not on the paper? maybe? <3

Heatherly said...

Nope, it is not permanent it is like a more durable postit. BUT you choose the size.

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I followed the blog!

Lesa said...

And I liked it on facebook! :0)

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I LIKED YarnYenta Designs on Facebook!

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I Followed Yarn_Yenta on TWITTER!

-Vicki (AKA - @MoonfireHndKnts)

Vicki Hurd said...

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Did all three! :)

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What an exciting giveaway! Everything looks so helpful, and still fun... Anyhow, I'm following your blog! :)

Mrsmiz said...

Wow, those are some really cool tools, i especially like the color tape...oh, i follow you on here already...

Mrsmiz said...

And i like you on facebook

Mrsmiz said...

And i like you on facebook

Anonymous said...

enter me! i liked you on Facebook.

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Debra said...

Just found your blog through Knitty. Love the ideas for pattern keepers.

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How have I NEVER EVEN SEEN the graph paper post its???


bobbie said...

Oh I love last days of contests...and new Knitty Surprises way to go!

Knits with Penguins said...

Wow, I was just cruising the web and I found your blog and am now following it. Love your "Threnody" shawl. Just adorable.
Rebecca Stromgren
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bobbie said...

Woohoo ! I Love Sheep! I love Prizes...I do not love broken hands...Thank you Talia Get better soon!

Ariel Luciana said...

Darn! I'm too late to enter. Those pattern wallets are neat. I need one.

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