Monday, March 26, 2012

the knit goes on, and on, and on.......

Most of the knitting around here has been of the secret kind.
Hopefully I can reveal some of it soon. There has been some nonsecret knitting. actually more than I had thought.

I did rework the Coeur D'Or Socks, which were/are a kit from Holiday Yarns, into some more classic colours. I want to do them in blue and white eventually as well.

These were perfect for valentines day, and decadent in alpaca sox.

Tactile Fiber Arts had a trunk show at Aimee's Yarn Cafe. So ofcourse I had to play with it!.

Maia does some amazing things with natuaral dying. Wild crafted is my favourite line of her yarns, but then there is Nutmeg, and Indigo, and Dogwood, and New Moon.

Using the Diablo Dk in Nori, I designed this hat and trying to improve my polish vocab named it Zielony which means green. :)

I think 2 hats can be made from one skein. it is quite lovely and soo plush!

While thinking up leaf motifs, I also created the Out On A Limb socks, which remind me of climbing trees. These are in Nutmeg and were wonderfully test knit by Denise.

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