Monday, March 26, 2012

Halos of Hope

At Stitches East 2011, I was next to Pma and the Halos of Hope booth. We started talking about the organization and their needs, and Pam is just delightful, and I fell in love with her and Halos.

Halos of Hope is a lovely organization that seeks to do just what you would think, bring hope!
"Halos of Hope deeply appreciates the generous souls who knit, crochet or sew the thousands of caps that we distribute. We rely on our silent supporters for donations to provide these caps free of charge.
These acts of love are continually needed to comfort the bald heads of cancer patients."

Can you say "Mitzvah"?

You can go to for more info.

Angels Watching Over is the hat i designed exclusively for Halos Of Hope.
Watching someone go through cancer is heart wrenching, and you can be so afraid to actually "hope". This hat is to remind them that someone is hoping and praying for them.

It is available only on their site, for a $2 donation.
Click HERE

There are 2 versions. Ribbed and stockinette. Both are charted and written out.

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