Friday, March 30, 2012

At Just The Right Angles

While we were hanging out at Stitches West, I picked up a set of Knitter's Pride Cubics new square needles. At stitches east and at KnitLab I had bought Dreamz DPNs and Interchangables.
Colour coded! How cool is that! Totally brilliant!.

So...One of the booths there tried to tell us they were not available in the whole country, BUT a few aisles over, guess what?! WEBS themselves had them...along with a few other booths... You gotta love Stitches West!

I grabbed up US6 points for my interchangables, which even though every one claims to be independent, SO FAR my Knit Picks, Knitters Pride, and Plymouth interchangable pieces have all played very well together.

So while chatting with the Craftsy crew, who just happend to be 2 booths away, I got to test them out. Besides the fact that I adore Stefanie, It was the most fun booth ever. So it was delightful to knit in.

I love that the square needles make these uniform perfect stitches! also the metal ones are a bit too much like nails on a chalk board for me. I can not stand the edges rubbing together. Cubics however being "densified laminated wood", don't give me the heebeegeebees (how do you spell that?)

The DPNs were sock sized obviously so while working on secret socks which you will see published this summer, I had to use them. They flexed but were sturdy for those complicated stitch patterns you know I like.
I was very happy with them.

So when my LYS (Aimee's Yarn Cafe) placed an order for new needles, I asked her to include the cubics set. (did you hear the angels sing right there?)
Typically With Metal needles, I am spot on with my gauge. However my gauge on wood needles is thrown off completely. I dont have these issues with the Cubics. I have heard that when using squares some people have to use a size up. I love that I can use exactly what I want to with the Cubics. It helps when writing designs to not have to swatch over and over.

A couple members of the Paradise Spinning and Knitting Group and the Common Threads group have also been testing out the Cubics.
Response so far: "I really like them"
"I like them because I don't drop my stitches!"
"My hands don't ache while knitting with these"

You can even test out several types of needles in one little set.... a set of tips in the dreamz, the cubics and the novas. How nice is that?

Stay tuned for the next review "What is better than cookie sheets?"

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