Friday, September 23, 2011

Integrated Circuits and Microprocessors

earlier this Spring, I was texting my friend Brenda, who has numerous patterns on Knitty, and I sent her a silly sock I was making. Brenda text'd back that I needed to submit it to Knitty. This was a frightening thought, especially since the submission deadline was that week. So even though Knitty rarely takes baby patterns, I thought I would have enough time to make baby socks before the deadline. So I modified the pattern, made baby socks and gathered up all the computer innards that my boys had around their room for "decor and ambiance". Once the socks were Photographed, I sent it off to Amy.

It takes forever to hear back when you have submitted a design. Now it is a lot faster with Knitty than with a paper printed Magazine, but every day, email HAD to be checked.
Amy finally wrote back that she liked it but would I mind redesigning for adult socks.
:0) Since this was what I had originally ofcourse I was happy to comply.

And then Summer craziness ensued. 2 different camps for kids and all the driving, funerals, and then me actually working 9-5 in an office for the first time while hubby's secretary took a much needed and well deserved vacation. oh and SOCK SUMMIT and then Stitches Midwest.

Somehow all the socks were knit up. Deadlines met. and then the waiting. It was totally Franklin's fault. :)

This being said the new Deep Fall Knitty 2011 came out this week.
I am so blessed to open the site and see those silly socks among such beautiful patterns. Many thanks to Amy for saying yes, Brenda for pushing me to do it, Jill for colour advice, and to Kate the wise, who wisely reminded me that Knitty has an international audience....and my instructions need to be REALLY CLEAR.

If you feel so inclined to make Microprocessor socks for the Geek in your life, or for your inner geek, here are some tips.

Swatch your colours.
just because they look lovely and give eachother nice compliments on the shelf, they may not want a lifelong commitment as socks.

Cast on 16 sts and join in the round. Work the corrugated ribbing for several rounds. If you are working with a striping yarn, especially one with long colour repeats or shifts, this may not work for showing all your colour changes.

and girls can be made happy with knitted rings.

Also, keep the stitches at a happy medium and not tightly bunched up.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ode to Red Heart

I know, you are shocked, an Ode to Red Heart?!

YES! The wonders of Red Heart.

Having spent a decade of my life pregnant and surrounded by babies, there were VERY FEW cleaning products I could use in our home. Risk of miscarriage and birth defects are just not worth a sparkling bathroom.
and being that i have "morning sickness" all 9 mons, I spent alot of time in the bathroom. I got to know porcelain really well.
Hot white vinegar was and still is the best for wood floors, but cleaning bath tubs was a real challenge.

Then I became a knitter.

I started with Red Heart like alot of knitters, because if I messed up, it was only a few cents in yarn thrown into the trash.
But what to do with those swatches.

Let me tell you, Red Heart Dishcloths scrub soap scum off like nothing else! Not even alot of elbow grease. The petroleum by product, squeak when you knit with, plasticy dishcloths are one way to clean and not have to use tons of harmful chemicals.

So put the RedHeart to use. After making socks on size 0 needles, you will be shocked at how quickly a couple work up.

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