Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sock Summit 2011

I missed the last Sock Summit. This year I was able to attend and represent Intwined Pattern Studio and also take some Classes.
Because I was taking classes, we had a team for the Intwined booth, my mom, Bobbie, my daughter Kezziah, and friends Maureen and Brenda and Jude were all there to lend a hand and demo the software.
I had some wonderful classes and learned alot in most of them. I feel very often that I don't know what I am doing as far as designing and had hoped for a great epiphany to come from the classes. I gained some insight, but needed beyond the basics.
Maybe I know more than I give myself credit for????

I met some wonderful people, and Spun for the Fleece to Foot competition

The skirting of the fleece was ...well... it should have been skirted, but i can not attest to it actually happening. Spinning in the grease is one thing, spinning in the wet pee was entirely another. not to mention the chunky bits. EW!

but we spun like mad!

In the end, the Canadian team one. They had more knitted pieces. BUT we had a more finished and kitchnered together sock. :0)

It was a great weekend, if I were to go again I would not take classes on the last day. (market closed before the last classes were even finished) and I would bring instant breakfast items breakfasts at the hotels and the market opened EARLY at 9 am.
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