Wednesday, April 20, 2011


the Stellar Club designs have been very fun to do. the final touches are being made on the third design.

Orion's Nebula was followed by Gienah Cygni (this was the pink and purple bits shown a few posts back)

Gienah Cygni is a orange binary star in the wing of the "swan" constellation , Epsilon Cygni, the name is from the arabic and translates the wing of a swan.
Jennifer did a fabulous job on the red-orange colourway.

The Greek Mythology Lace Club's second package was mailed out, and some are still no pictures yet.
The first Pattern will be available for individual purchase in May. Psyche and Cupid is the LACE weight square version, the SOCK weight triangular version is Heart Soul and Mind, pictured below

I love this blue butterfly colourway!

besides that there are several new designs and even a couple submissions that are still secret. I was blessed with some amazing test knitters, and they have been hard at work deciphering my scrawls. I am amazed at a couple of them, I can hardly believe how beautiful they turned out.

hotel room booked. classes looked thru and i am torn of which ones to take.
Top 5 choices anyone?
there are the big names of course, and some surprises.
are you going????

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sock Madness 5

March rolled in and with it came the madness that is sock madness.

Round 1
Suppoter's Socks by LilyMarlene
Shibui Sock
SM5 rnd1

i loved the way the yarn felt but was battling the pooling of colours, and wound up doing the sock on 0's instead. it didnt wok on sock 2 as well because the skein had a knot, that half of the skein coloured the other direction....VERY ANNOYING. if you are going to give me a skein with a knot, could you atleast make the colour repeats match?!

Round 2
NorNir by Caoua Coffee
Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel

SockMadness5 Rnd2 so far

the pattern was slip stitched all over, these socks took forever, but they didnt pool! They are very squishy and have now been test hiked. Sadly the yarn is not superwash, and they are slightly felted from washing. the pattern is named NorNir, but mine are just Nir which is hebrew for a plowed furough, which fits very well with the design.

We are currently on round 3

This sock by Maya has some pretty wide cables, which can be difficult to manipulate on 2.25mm needles. Luckily I have my trusty Leslie Wind cabling ring. She gave me this one at Stitches. Leslie made this at a 2mm diameter. usually for socks you need to use a needle a bit smaller than what you are knitting the item with, and you still have 4" or 6" of a needle to deal with. the ring is soo much better, and out of the way.

Round 3
Dangerous Curves by Maya
Shibui Sock in Jonquil
Cabling Ring
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