Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Scarf of Shadows

A few weeks ago, we went on a date to the movies and saw the ne Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows. The first time we are reunited with Dr Watson, I gasp over the scarf. I am immediately figuring out the stitch count and as I count rows i hear a whisper "Can you make me that scarf? Didi you figure out how many rows of each colour?"
He Knows me so well. By the time the scarf is no longer around Watson's neck and adorns the gypsy, I have it down. I know exactly what yarn to use.

We came home and he immediately ordered the yarn!
Knit Picks City Tweed, in the perfect colours

The yarn arrived, along with a few other things to boost the cart to $50 and get free shipping....

So I Present to you "The Scarf of Shadows" a free download on ravelry.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The end of 2011 is nigh

Tomorrow Jaden will have his 12th birthday. Which means another intense year of hebrew and torah study. His bar mitzvah will be "christmas weekend" 2012. (mark your calendars).

This means crazy holidays are going to start, chanukah and christmas and new years and Kezzi's birthday and then Tirzah will be off to London. All in the next month.

So a blog post while I can :)
I can not show you much knitting as it has all been in secret but will be in print and online next year, so you will get to see it eventually :)

But working with all these wonderful yarns and playing and swatching has had me thinking. Have you seen the Knitter's Life List book? It has all these challenges on broadening your horizons, trying something new, meeting amazing knitters, and going to fiber festivals.

When I first began knitting i would scour the internet for anything knitting related. this was 8 yrs ago almost, we have a much richer knitting world now. (Thank you Ravelry!)
I would look at yarn like Lisa Souza's Gendarmes and Chameleon Colorworks, and I would say to myself, "one day I wil be good enough to knit with yarn like that", as i slide sts in red heart across my needles, squeak, squeak.

Also I collect PATTERNS, Ravelry is a horribly addictive place for pattern collectors! There are so many I was going to knit one day. Some I have definitely out grown now. Thankfully I never made a poncho for myself just for the display windows of an LYS. All that yarn!

My question for you today is what is the "one day I will be good enough for" project or yarn that you once dreamed of? Have you knit it? What is holding you back?

Next year be daring, buy the yummy yarn and actually use it!
I discovered a skein I have been hoarding has breaks in it. Gasp! I have no idea if a small child once cut it, if it was defective (doubtful) or if something munched on it while it sat in storage with lavenader and mothballs (my guess is a small child armed with safety scissors). But it should have been used.
We talk about using our existing stash, but we HAVE to keep yarnies in business and add to our stashes. Has any one actually made it a whole year without buying new yarn?!

I digress...

KNIT! Knit the sweater you are obsessing over, make baby booties cuz they are cute even if no one is expecting a baby (some one will eventually and you'll be ahead for once). Make Stuff! Create with string. Enjoy the new year by not sitting on your hands and waiting.
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