Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Cruz

Every autumn, we go to Santa Cruz for some MISPOCHA TIME!!!
So After kNit Lab...unpack, wash and repack and pack everyone else...are you seeing a theme? for the last 6 wks it has been like this!

What did we do?

Hunted for Walnuts (note the double duty for the bag from slippedstitches)

Hung out with some crazy guys

Then went to the beach for a long hike (2 miles each way) to the elephant seals.

While out there, I made Kezzi model the latest design for the Austentatious Knitting ebook (on Ravelry).
Mrs. Bennet's Nite Cap

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Knitting Lab 2011

While we were at STS East we got a chance to go to KnitLab in San Mateo, which was great, but meant a quick turn around, unpack, wash clothes, repack....

check out the Knit Lab swag!

The Market was small and intimate compared to the 10 previous events of the last few years. It meant I got to see each booth! I always feel like I have missed half of the market when I leave a show.
Next to me was the fabulous Laura of Slipped Stitches. She had a new line of fabrics which HAD to come home with me.

A lil bit like a knitting Gorey picture isnt it?! Perfect for Super Sock Scarefest.

On the next aisle over was my friend Maia, and her amazing Tactile Fiber Arts.
Some of Maia's yarn across the top of the photo.

These are soo lovely. Not only are there beautifully commercially dyed yarns, but she has a line of wild crafted yarns. (dyed from leaves and plants)
While helping her with booth set-up (cuz laptops are pretty easy) I got to put up these amazing shawl pins!!!

they are textured and patina'd, the rose-like one i think is my favourite.

While at KnitLAb, I had a lovely time with Faina, Stefanie Japel, Romi, Donna Druchunas, Anne (with an "e") Berk. Eventually I ran into Leslie aka Chewy Knits who makes the most amazing versions of her sock designs on size 00000 needles!

dollar for scale.

While at lunch, I met Amy Detjen and Meg Swansen. Remember when I blogged YEARS ago about Meg calling my house? Well she is even more lovely in person!
Do I have Pictures? nope!

Alice Starmore was the special guest of the weekend. She personally went to each table and talk to everyone at the tea. On Romi's blog you can see my hand in the bottom left hand corner with Alice Starmore! heehee

This was the most fun I have ever had at a show. Oh and I got to talk to Eunny!
really it was lovely!

I was inspired to design a new sock. But you will have to wait for that, it is lower on the knitting que.
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