Friday, October 07, 2011

Mathematical Knits

It develops math skills. A knitting project is geometric.
~ Maggie DeCuir

There are days when I hear my older girls complain about math. I had the some complaints and tears. I hated math. I hated especially algebra, getting an answer, having the answer be right, but not being able to figure out how I got the answer....

Having been bitten by the knitting bug, I can tell them "You want to knit, you want to create? You need math."

The hexipuff craze is one pattern that is full of geometry. Haved you seen it? You know you want to make one.
BeeKeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits

"Crochet, knitting and other crafts allow people to visualize, recontextualize and develop new problems and answers," said Carolyn Yackel, a mathematician at Mercer University in Georgia.

There are even knitting math books "Making Mathematics with Needlework"

Is it a surprise that so many designers in their professional lives are physicists, scientists, mathematics professors, biochemistry and computer science majors...

They may know how all the numbers come together and work, and how to properly scale garments to fit any form... I appreciate that talent. It isn't a gift I have.

But there are these magical moments, when you chart and plan things on paper...or IPS, and then watch them take form in tactile ways. Textures and morphing patterns combine together to make beautiful garments.
This is one of those moments, where a bunch of my guesswork actually work because of the magic of math. Can I show it to you? nope...secret knitting projects.
Spoilers, sweetie...spoilers...

ok. maybe a lil picture.


Cambria said...

I don't know what that is...but I LOVE IT! lol. I think I'll be knitting one of those (what-ever-it-is) when it releases.

Oh, and I've discovered that like myself...lots of knitters and designers are psychologists/psych majors too. What is it about the field of science that makes one want to work with yarn, lol.

bobbie said...

In Cambria's is the calming effect it has on one's soul, the click of the needles, I am sure of it!
Math is a gift and you may not know how you get there, but kiddo you ALWAYS get there!
I love this...spoiler surprise! And you (o:

Shan said...

I bought the Beekeepers pattern the second I saw it...I am seven hexes in and I am in LOVE.

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