Saturday, October 08, 2011

Choose your yarn like you would choose your friends..

ok, the real quote is about books and authors.
However I was telling someone (mom) at knit nite that when I do a design, and I have to choose yarn, I feel like I am choosing between friends. "Who shall I play with today".
Over the last few years, and 10 events, I have met some of the most wonderful people.
The best part of any event is Saturday Nite dinner.

Sometimes dinner becomes a huge banquet of creativity. amazing food, creativity, solution solving, networking, and laughing. Lots of LAUGHING. One guy told the waitress "I'll have what they're drinking", her response..."They are drinking water."

I love what I get to do, travel, knit, meet amazing people, and share Intwined software with the world. Chicago was a hard show, it was my first product theft. alot of product. Some of the vendors I barely even know, were so kind, and sympathetic. I was really overwhelmed by the kind words.

So back to choosing yarn.
I tweeted that it was hard to choose betwix them all.
Holiday Yarns (genius! and bacon! seriously), Lisa Souza Dyeworks(when I first learned to knit I thought, someday I will be good enough at knitting to use THAT yarn) , Grinning Gargoyle (signature red and gold stellina sparkles!) Zen Yarn Garden (Japanese Red Maple!!!!), KnittingNotions (standing in her booth you feel at home), IndigoDragonfly (TARDIS yarn! you get sucked in and can not leave), Creatively Dyed (Calypso yarn, I am convinced Diane dances and has steel drums in the dye room, cuz this is yarn that can't sit still) TactileFiberArts (FiberDuck sent us to Maia, we love her! Wild Dyed with prehistoric plants, can you get much cooler than that?).

I collect people. It is true. Besides that they are wicked talented you should hear their stories. These are some amazing people.

And I havent told you about homemade toffee, speaking in estonian, knitting with glass, tears over cancer, joy over new babies,pajama parties and knitting, lots of knitting.

When you go to a knitting event it is one place you can walk into alone and find someone to have coffee with, a group for dinner, and people who understand you were completely over come by the fiber fumes.

Have you been to Stitches, Sock Summit, KnitLabs, FiberFrolic, Lambtown, BlackSheep, or any of the other amazing events? What is your favourite? Besides glancing at the yarn here or there, have you actually gone in and looked at the booths, the art?

Who is that you have to drive hrs to see at an event?

What makes you drool? Have you seen the bags? and shoes? Jewelry? did i mention the bags?

Have you tried the Stealth Needles or the GLASS needles or the scary pointed needles?

Right now some of my favourite people are at Rhinebeck this coming weekend, go find them.
In a few weeks some of us will be in Hartford, you'll hear the laughter and wonder why you can't get a table at a resturaunt.
Come join the fun, linger and talk a moment to talk to people. and buy some of the ART that is crafted.


bobbie said...

I am a newbie knitter and sock summit is my only experience with Yarnies. Yet from that experience I made a new friend, I mean a BFF kind of friend hanging yarn dyed from prehistoric plants (we do love Maia). I learned how the cast on double points knit and crochet from a wicked awesome Canuck like me (Denny) and had the sweetest conversation with a woman who told me she was teaching beading of course and other things. My Newbie-ness showed because not only was "that" woman Sivia, but I had the Shawl my daughter had knit for me, right there in the booth, from her pattern. (Totally blushing) But Heatherly is right, the laughter never stopped...And These ober-talented women got excited when I held up in triumph my feeble attempts at knitting. This world of fiber is a very small world, you are amazed by the connections you make in conversation and in heart. New England has no idea what is about to rock their shores.

Cambria said...

I went to Rhinebeck a few years ago, where I met Clara Parks (truly a generous spirit), Ysolda (for the 1st of 3 times), Casey & Jess (of Ravelry), Laura Chow, and several others who I saw in passing but was too intimidated to actually speak to (like Anne Hanson).

I also saw many faces from my Ravelry friends group, and made friends in my spinning class. It was a fantastic time, and I got compliments on my knitting from everyone I ran into. It really made me feel like I was part of a community, and realize that I was more talented that I'd given myself credit for. I needed that trip :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Only been to Stitches West...and I always see my friends you, and Carrie (IrishGirlieknits) and Alison. I haven't done everything you mentioned, but we manage to have a good time.

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