Sunday, October 02, 2011

Austentacious Knitting

Earlier this year the first Austen inspired pattern, Regency socks, was released.
These are part of a series of designs I am doing at the prompting, nagging, and begging from my girls.

Last Night I bound off the last st and blocked the second pattern, UpperCross.
I love Persuasion. It is probably my favourite Austen novel. It is at Uppercross that Anne Elliot sees Capt. Wentworth again after soo many years. The agony of waiting to see how he will respond to her presence, both of them trying so hard to not show the pain they feel over the loss of their love and trying to the depths of the same love still... Such tense moments filled with hope and heartache, eyes averted least the speak what is in their hearts. SIGH... I love this movie. My favourite is the 1995 version,

So the shawl...simple and uncomplicated,with a touch of lace.


need to watch a lil persuasion?

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