Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LYS Paradise Style

LYS- local yarn store.
for quite some time, my local yarn store has been anything but LOCAL.

This weekend a new yarn store opened, not just a place to "run in for an emergency needle that I some how need but do not own" kind of store. You can shop for ER knitting supplies as well, BUT this is a "stop and linger, feel the yarn, sit down and knit in the tea room" kind of store. Stop in and enjoy the shop, be prepared to linger.

With wonderfully friendly owners who ask how your current projects are going and can add expert advice. Aimee's Yarn Cafe is a wonderful addition to Paradise.

Only a fiber addict will truly understand, I have a new fiber home.

The garden outside is lovely and full of flowers for knitting and getting a lil sun. Talia whispered today "Miss Aimee, I love your garden". and she ofcourse had to bring home a vintage key, strung on a ribbon like Alice In Wonderland. She knows its a magical place too.

Best of Luck to Aimee and Mike!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Hearts of Gold and Rime and Reason

Early this year I designed 2 kits for Holiday Yarns.

The patterns are now available for purchase, and you can still get premeasured 2 colour kits for Couer D'Or or beaded kits for Rime at HolidayYarns.com.

Rime and Reason
a good wintery sock with an icy beaded cuff and beads thru out


Couer D'Or
was originally knit in gold and wine but kitted for valentines in cheeky and lavender
I cant wait to see the variations of this


Wednesday, June 01, 2011


These socks have been a secret for so long, I am relieved to get to speak about them!
Debuted at the Mass Sheep and Wool fest last weekend, is the new kit designed for Holiday Yarns.

I love these socks. I love that the idea and the finished product match.
I love the buttons.

Steampunkery Buttoned Up

Pictured in Vanilla but Jenn will let you switch out colourways...cuz she rocks...wait til you see them in Garnet! yum! The booth ones are in charcoal.

Jennifer will be at several fibery events, stop by and see them, tell her hi for me!
Upcoming show schedule:
June 4th-5th at the Maine Fiber Frolic!
June 9th-13th at the Summer TNNA show
July 28th-31st at Sock Summit in Vancouver, WA (I'll be here too)
Aug 25th-28th at Stitches Mid-West in Schaumburg, IL (near Chicago) – I am here as well
Sept 24th-25th at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival in Greenwich NY.
Oct 15th-16th at Rhinebeck (aka NY sheep & wool festival)
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