Sunday, May 01, 2011

where do i find a guy who has a top hat?

Tirzah as most of you know, is a little bit Austentatious. Ok, its way more than a little bit. Some day she may find a guy who actually owns a top hat. While she waits...she can atleast knit Austen.

At her request I am designing a few Austen Inspired patterns.

Regency socks are the first in her series.

I love the way this lace motif worked out.
The inspiration in these socks comes from the wallpaper in one of the many BBC Austen movies Tirzah watches over and over.

(Rio De La Plata sock yarn is sadly discontinued.)

If you want to knit along with Tirzah, the pattern is now up for sale.
Regency Socks $6

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