Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being an official home owner now, meant this spring i bought rose bushes. ok, Sam bought rose bushes, cuz i am a bit timid with the whole putting down roots thing. It is a new thing for me. 8 schools by the time I was done with my elementary eductaion. 10 moves in 15 yrs while married to a civilian. roots are foreign and scary.

...and I tend to kill plants. I love them. I draw them. I kill them.
Last year my aristotle basil plant was alive for 6 mons and doing great, until i went to Poland. Aristotle's death can not be blamed on me. I left explicit instructions for his watering. No one paid him any attention.
There is currently a living orchid that has been with us 3 mons. Don't hold your breath.

Back to the roses....we planted 6 rose bushes. 2 white climbing tea roses , 2 charisma roses, and 2 crazy red olympia roses. The girls room has the tea roses, the living room has the charisma roses, and the far end by the boys room, had the olympia roses.
yes, HAD.
Bambi and Faline brought their children through the yard for a BUFFET!
They ate the rose bush! They ate the leaves the rosebuds, the THORNS!!!

So since I can't show you the secret knitting I have been doing....and I can't show you the olympia roses, I will leave you with a picture of the charisma rose.

Living and uneaten roses.

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Scrabblequeen said...

It's very I'm sure Bambi and Faline and family are...:-)

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