Monday, May 23, 2011

Last year for my birthday, we bought a house. Ok, Sam bought a house b/c it turns out I have actually ZERO credit. Never had a loan, no college debt...nada.
So Last week our van was given a death notice...and with the tags soon to expire and 6 kids to drag around town with me, something had to be done. So this year I get a car for my birthday.

We searched for a vehichle to seat 8 people that didnt eat a ton of gas and was in our budget. not easy. BUT we found one. and got a loan, and they let my name be on the loan!!! which means i will have actual credit now. Being a grown up is scary!

In Celebration of the newly acquired debt and building up credit, all patterns are 25% off now thru June 22. Coupon Code NEWVAN

MY RAV Store

So between now and my Birthday, which is a significant one (Double Chai!!) all the patterns will be on sale.

after all, socks don't knit themselves...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being an official home owner now, meant this spring i bought rose bushes. ok, Sam bought rose bushes, cuz i am a bit timid with the whole putting down roots thing. It is a new thing for me. 8 schools by the time I was done with my elementary eductaion. 10 moves in 15 yrs while married to a civilian. roots are foreign and scary.

...and I tend to kill plants. I love them. I draw them. I kill them.
Last year my aristotle basil plant was alive for 6 mons and doing great, until i went to Poland. Aristotle's death can not be blamed on me. I left explicit instructions for his watering. No one paid him any attention.
There is currently a living orchid that has been with us 3 mons. Don't hold your breath.

Back to the roses....we planted 6 rose bushes. 2 white climbing tea roses , 2 charisma roses, and 2 crazy red olympia roses. The girls room has the tea roses, the living room has the charisma roses, and the far end by the boys room, had the olympia roses.
yes, HAD.
Bambi and Faline brought their children through the yard for a BUFFET!
They ate the rose bush! They ate the leaves the rosebuds, the THORNS!!!

So since I can't show you the secret knitting I have been doing....and I can't show you the olympia roses, I will leave you with a picture of the charisma rose.

Living and uneaten roses.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Heart Soul and Mind

For Holiday Yarns' Greek Mythology Lace club, I designed Psyche and Cupid, a lace weight and square shawl. Psyche is also greek for soul and is symbolized by a butterfly.
The shawl has hearts and butterflies lace motifs, and the a more complicated patern, which is ofcourse changing and challenging like the mind. So the triangular SOCK weight version is officially
Heart, Soul and Mind

Thursday, May 05, 2011

May Day May Day

May has rolled in with perfect weather, warm and sunny and even a good breeze. Birthdays and Mother's Day, this month is perfect for picnicking...and knitting of course.

Packages are starting to arrive With the third installment of the Stellar Sock Club.
This means i can now show you:


When I lived in NH and babysat for a young lawyer, he would spin tales of fancy, and teach his kids (and me) about the stars and galaxies. I can still find Andromeda in my sky (no streetlights have made this much easier). It is fuzzy, there when you don't look at it. Vanishing when you gaze at it directly. Andromeda is mysterious.

Hubble has made it even more so. The more we see, the more we know, the more we discover that we know nothing.

Jennifer has captured amazing colours in the Andromeda Colourway this month. This skein is deeply saturated in colour. I LOVE IT.

This month's sock is a little more traditional in its construction. BUT it is cabled. Yum! Lovely cabled goodness. You need a good yarn to make those cables look crisp and not flat. Thank you Jennifer!

The last 3 months have been so much fun. If you missed out on the club, Jennifer is doing a Summer Stellar SOTM.

3 months, 3 Stellar Packages.

400 yard skein of FlockSock Sock Yarn or a 420 yard skein of Silver Sock (Merino/Silk/Nylon/Silver)!
Matching Beads!
Stellar-themed stitch marker!
Stellar-themed Sock Pattern

Andromeda in Butter From Holiday Yarns

Sunday, May 01, 2011

where do i find a guy who has a top hat?

Tirzah as most of you know, is a little bit Austentatious. Ok, its way more than a little bit. Some day she may find a guy who actually owns a top hat. While she waits...she can atleast knit Austen.

At her request I am designing a few Austen Inspired patterns.

Regency socks are the first in her series.

I love the way this lace motif worked out.
The inspiration in these socks comes from the wallpaper in one of the many BBC Austen movies Tirzah watches over and over.

(Rio De La Plata sock yarn is sadly discontinued.)

If you want to knit along with Tirzah, the pattern is now up for sale.
Regency Socks $6
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