Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink Petal Snow

When I was young, my father's job brought us to live in Washington D.C.
Fireworks on the roof of the pentagon, the best macaroon cookies in pentagon city, museums and moonrocks you could touch, and the cherry blossom festival.
I loved the cherry blossoms. I loved hiding in the trees, up in the fragrant branches and eventually playing with the pink snow as the petals fell.

LAFujiMama's post on the japanese cherry blossoms, brought these things up, last year.
Claudia Handpaint's Strawberry Latte drove the idea home.

With a twisted Latvian cuff and a softly textured stitch, you can wear the blossoms on your feet.

Edited to add: all proceeds of this sock will go to help Earthquake Relief in Japan between now and April 9th, whch is the end of the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

where have the days gone? we have been bust and things are about to get busier with Passover on the horizon. did i mention Purim is this weekend? skits and hamantaschen and fun...
shabbat is no longer shabbat around here. shabbat is work. so monday we took a day off to ourselves, work still crept in. as it has every monday since october. we need to guard our day off more.

knitting wise this is parts of the next secret sock for holiday yarns

this is the end of march shipment- not the colorway, that is still being dyed.
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