Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stitches West 2011

We left last Thursday for StsW at 6:30 am with snowflakes falling all around us. Thankfully we got out before the storm, because Paradise and Magalia were hammered while we were gone.
Tirzah and Kezziah came along this year. Our first girls road trip. I was so blessed to have my girls there. It reminded me of when I was pregnant and felt them move for the first time. No matter where I went, I wasn't alone. They made me braver then and they make me braver now.

This year when we arrived, we knew what we were doing since it was our 5th event in the last year. Which meant this year I was not so nervous that I didnt eat for DAYS. I ate. I ate well. Persian on friday was amazing at a santa clara restaurant something like Chelokebabi, (its on El Camino Real and Wolfe) amazing food! The menu was in arabic so i text pix to my brother. After all if your brother speaks arabic, there should be occasional perks like menu assistance.
Jeff and Debra of Debra's Garden are my fave dinner companions, so along with my dear friend Leslie Wind and new friends Lizette and Don, we had amazing food, and laughed well.

I briefly got to see Merike as she was teaching classes. Romi was there, Marisol and Carrie (irish girlieknits,) Lisa and Rod, Brenda, Diane, Lynn, Gryphon, and ofcourse the wonderful Lionnesses of Lion Brand, Zontee, Lindsey, and Kendra. Top it all of with WonderMike of Fiber Beat and some of my favourite people in the fiber world were in one place. (jennifer sadly did not join me, i am thinking of forgiving her since she was after all dying yarn for my designs....) Really there is no way for me to mention and hyperlink everyone, people of great importance will be left out.

Spinolution needed to park some wheels which turned out to be great decor for the booth. 2 wheels may have come home with me, but i am not admitting to it at this time. the bee fits into a carry on! seriously!

Before we go any further, let me say that there are 5 knitters and 3 spinners in our house. Sometimes sharing is an issue. so try not to judge.

Lynn had bags of yarn , BAGS OF YARN, for $20 Shelia Earnst was there with coblat glass needles. seriously amazing to knit with once you get it out of your head that its glass. 9they will fix them if you break them)
Jordana Paige was lovely as ever, and Kezzi took her money she saved up and invested it into a Bella Bag from JP. LJ Kaelms in green needed to come home, the amazing african baskets acrossed from us, they gifted us a few b/c of our loaning of containers so the baskets could be shaped.
Picked up some new books one on weaving, JC Briar's charting book, Betty Fryer's Lace Primer (made with intwined), Omas Strickengeheimmisse (grandma's knitting secrets).

New patterns from Gryphon (BEOWOLF SOCKS) and Kollage and somewhere else i cant remember
Llama Sparkles yarn, baby llama and silver.
Jill of fibersphere had namaste buddy cases and needle cases, which coordinate to the new JP bag very nicely.
oh this lad had magnetic scarf claspy things, which i am going to use for shabbat shmatas.
a larger tunisian crochet hook from stitch diva, new della q project bags for shawl cases.

pictures will be added later. breakfast needs to get finished, and jaden yanked a tooth out of his head....

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Nest year, I want to eat with you!

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