Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blah Days Need Good Food

yesterday started out in frustration and stress. a general feeling of overwhelmedness. is that a word?
so when Sam asked "what's for lunch?" I was not really in the mood. Being frdgeless for the last 15 wks has definitely cramped my life. I am bored to death with brown rice, potatoes, pastas even if the are whole grain. I just couldnt take another sandwich as well.

So out of the recipe files came Middle Eastern Pizzas. I havent made these in about 10 years. When Rupesh and Ashish would come over several nights a week we were curried out and I threw these things together.

The great thing about these, okay maybe it is the great thing about my kids, EVERYONE eats these! some eat it like pizza and some like a pita pocket sandwich, but they all eat it.

Note Tali's Don't bother me, I am eating face

Zemeira wouldnt even look up as she ate


Middle Eastern Pizzas
Pita Bread in a pinch, if you have the time a big yummy home made foccacia bread
grape tomatoes- quartered
Balsamic vinegar and pomegranate vinegar
red and yellow sweet peppers
1 lemon
Tahini in a can
Plain nonfat yogurt
black olives

1st take the quartered tomatoes and cover them with a blend of the vinegars, set aside to marinate.
slice the peppers and place them and olives in dishes for garnishing

Take the yogurt and tahini and place in a food processor, with the juice of one lemon and a lil salt (to taste) blend into a nice smooth sauce.

warm pitas in the oven, or use the fresh warm foccacia, spread tahini sauce on top.
because everyone likes things a bit different, AND Zemeira is allergic to tomatoes, we keep it all separate and top them as they like. dolmas on the side just because you can always eat dolmas.

so yum!

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