Friday, December 24, 2010

what a great present!

tirzah and i went to Barnes and Noble and had free smoothies
(thanks to the nook coupon)
while there, i picked u a couple magazines. i didn't look at them there, brought them home, both the girls read thru them while i made dinner. finally i got to sit down with them.
i started flipping thru, and stopped, had to look again, because there in print, were charts made with intwined studio!!!!
this wasn't even the mag that reviwed us or they one we advertised in....
so i scream, i start showing it to sam and the kids, call my mom (who was not home), called brooke (also not home) called sue who jumped up and down with me (because she was home).
so if you heard a scream, it could have been my fault. sorry if i made you jump.

thank you Yarn Forward!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

G-d bless us everyone!

we being bored and without refridgeration decided to have dickens style dinner today, not on the 24th or 25th...cuz i can keep things in a tiny mini fridge.

so we are marinating chicken to create "18th century drunken english cider chicken"
roasting brussel sprouts and chestnuts, potatoes, and parsnips.
yes, parnsips.

now parsnips have been an enigmatic food. my mother recounts stories of them being boiled, mashed and served but told she was eating mashed potatoes. this is not a nice way to introduce foods to a child.
she is actually thinking i am punishing my children by cooking roasted/glazed parsnips. HOWEVER we are farmers market fanatics. each week in summer, our kids pick a crazy new fruit or veggie to TRY. no one forcing them to like it or eat every bit on their plates. (several generations of eating disorders in our family- i do NOT force any foods on any of the kids, nor the "clean your plate" tactics.)
so i have no idea if the parsnips will be edible or what to expect them to taste like, but it will be memorable.

we also are going to try plum pudding and a christmas pudding with brandied sauce.
this also is a strange and unfamiliar food. but we are going to have fun! :0)

so keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mazel Tov and baby knitting

i have finally gotten to a stage in life where everyone else is having the babies and i just get to do the knitting! the moms labours were 30-46 hrs, so i will take the knitting job any day!

Quentin, Nehemiah and Jeremiah were all born in the last month. which meant baby sweaters blankets, socks and hats to knit.

my favourite baby sweater right now is Jonah Rav Link
Blog Link

i made mine from classic silk which i am hoping wont be a hassel for the mama to clean (sand coloured in the photo)

then i ran out of yarn for the border of the blue blanket...thinking of sewing a satin ribbon border on, good for babies to suck on right?

the last sweater is iceling, the baby version from the knitty pattern, from stolen stitches, it will have a shwal colour to curl op over the babies ears.
i added the stripes....we will see how it turns out.
but i love using my "glass" needles on this project. (

fave baby patterns? please share!
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