Monday, October 25, 2010

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ok, so i am kinda busy and haven't blogged recently. one of the reasons i thought i should get the ole blog redesigned. i did this part myself but need a change.

since blogging last i have been over to europe with sally klein o'connor on an amazing journey, tour of roses. life changing. amazing. after i got home, i felt very much as if we had walked thru the valley of the shadow of death yet were totally covered by G-d's hand. i am still processing the death camps, treblinka and auschwitz, the documentation center in nuremberg, zepplinfeld, and the towns that were terrorized by the holocaust. warsaw was most difficult as it made me miss my rebbe so much, whose father escaped warsaw's ghetto and had died just the year before. i miss them so much, 4 yrs since our last visit.
treblinka caused a slight panic attack that made me seek solice on the edge of the woods, and then be able to continue.
auschwitz steals every word away.

there was beauty in the midst of suffering, and brokenness. but it was challenging to refocus my gaze from the horror to the beauty. polish bubbe's kissing your face and whispering words of love, helped. it was easy to love individuals. it was a thought changing time for myself. the mandate to love all and to forgive. i want to keep that close. it doesnt erase death and murder, but it changes me.

the girls have had their birthdays, tirzah- 15 and talia-5. also our anniversary, 16 crazy party this year just scrapping enough cash together for dinner. :0)
but it was lovely.

then a trip to the ER with talia who rather than take a bath decided to flip off a chair in the boys room, smack her face on chai's oak bed. totally scray, nothing i could diagnose and trip to the ER. a black eye, a headache but her vision isnt effected thankfully.

samuel was asked to fill in for a few months for a friend at a local church. it was really funny the first week as it was communion sunday and he was a bit lost with the traditions. brachas in hebrew are fine but in english....
that evolved, they decided to keep him, then voted to make him the official pastor at FBCP. i have no idea how this will effect our lives. i think they will figure out we are meshugge pretty quick....if i ever am around long enough that is.

i leave wed for hartford and stitches east. it is at LeeAnn's so i am over the moon ectstatic to be with her and kiss her babies who are too old to be babies.
so you can expect a rambling report from stitches.
and pictures ofcourse.
lots of quick posts via twitter to facebook, so really if you want to know what is up, that is where you should look.
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