Friday, August 27, 2010

Sock Blocking

I didnt get out of my booth much, but i didnt see Purrfectly 's wooden sock blockers so i came home from STS MW and needed sockblockers!

JoAnn's had on sale half off (now $7.99) their ArtBin boxes, which i needed more bins to store yarn in for different companies and submissions.

inside each container are 4 divider sheets. since i don't really need them, they are going to be sock blockers. 4 boxes= 16 sock blockers.

Kezzi has now gotten taller than me, and her sockblokcers need to be bigger, so we measuered the length of her foot and extended the size of the blockers so they can holder her socks.

We could Sharpie intials on them so each of the sizes for the kids could be easily identified.

enrolling her help soon i had a nice stack of sockblockers

which needed to be dressed of course

but what to do with the scraps????

wee tiny sock blockers

more scraps? with Chanukah being 100 days away, i need to get crafting! i decided the kids need mittens. so how about tracing their hands so i dont have to guess at size? this means the also will not be suspicious in the coming months. (", hey let me see your hand and where your thumb is...")

this also means MITTEN BLOCKERS!!! so i rounded off the hand shapes, added the name followed by the age of each of the kids.
so as long as they do not read my blog, it will stay a surprise.

Stitches MidWest-Schaumburg, IL

Last week i flew to Chicago, alone...which i have not flown alone since the week before my 18th birthday. that was the summer i met Sam and i've followed him around the world ever since.
anyways, my "taxi" turned out to be a Limo. which was a new experience also.

The hotel for the event was amazing but my hotel room at the courtyard was much bigger and nicer than their rooms. AND staying in the same hotel, room below mine was Jennifer from Holiday Yarns.
You may know her as yarn dyer for the Tsarina Tsock kits.

ofcourse i needed the vintage sock kit (remember when yarnharlot made all those tiny leaves?) and the phoenix for my mythology girl, and cowboy socks for the boys. Jennifer also had the most amazing smelling anti moth potpourri! seriously, i am going to need a pound of it for sachets for every drawer/clost/stash bucket. soo good!
the really cool thing was for each colourway, she had knitted sock toes so you could see exactlu what the yarn was going to do. so many yarns look great skeined and horribly as socks. this made it much easier,(no harder) to choose sock yarn. i wanted soo many of them :0)
we had a blast together, with her mom who is wonderful, and discovered we were mishpocha.

Creative was in the booth directly behind mine, since i have several skeins of her yarn waiting to become socks, i did not bring home anymore calypso BUT did take advantage of the lace weight being 50% off.

SomeBunny aka Kimberly came by and brought Franklin Habit with her. He was delightful to talk to, and let me get a picture with him and be a geeky fan.

PJ party:

Friday nite at the PJ party Franklin wore the amazing lace nite cap that he did the article in knitty on. if i can find the pictures i will load them.

jewelry making demos by Leslie Wind

My Aunt Carolyn flew up from houston and spent the weekend with me. we had so much fun. Leslie Wind shared the booth with me so she jopined us for dinner with Debra and Jeff of Debra's Garden and Rose Hunter who was teaching heirloom rugs over the weekend. we laughe dall nite. oh- and Adam, Debra and Jeff's son, so Aunt Carolyn wasnt the only non-knitter.
While in chicago Aunt Carolyn stumbled onto the set of Transformers 3 and got some amazing pictures. if she had a working computer, i'd show theose to you too.

so that is a brief sum up of Sts MW 2010.

Monday, August 02, 2010


summer is not slowing down here, things are just gearing up.

PennyRoses Yarns Luxury Summer Sock club released the first kit featuring a pattern i did for Ruth, Fata Morgana Miarge Socks and heatwave colourway yarn. its always fun to get and idea and start researching and creating. the visual anamoly caused by varying temperature layers they believe caused the stories of the flying dutchman.
Ravelry Link:

Brigit has been working hard test knitting a new sock for my Flower Fairy Socks KAL
and the pattern will be out soon, featuting bavarian twisted stitches.
Sneak Preview:
Canterbury Bells

in 2 weeks i wil be at Stitches MidWest, booth 732.
Demoing Intwined Pattern Studio's software. The latest issue of the Knitter magazine (UK) has us featured in "things we love". so exciting!
let me know when you get a copy, i have only seen screen shots.

Leslie Wind will be sharing the booth with me. you remember her fab cable needle necklaces i blogged awhile back? she now has a cable needle ring for sock knitters so its a smaller diameter and right at you finger tips from some tricky sock designs (do you know anyone who has tricky sock designs? hmmm)

also blackthorn knitting needles! i love these have you tried them?
i cant tellyou how many DPNs i have snapped or the boys have snapped for me. these however are made from the same stuff the stealth's outer skin is made from. virtually unbreakable but stll amazingly light.
so stop by the booth and test drive them

after i come home i will be getting ready for the tour of roses trip to poland and germany. if anyone wants our fundraiser gourmet home made super yummy Strawberry Jalepeno BBQ sauce let me know i still have several jars left- $8 pints and $15 quarts.
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