Friday, December 24, 2010

what a great present!

tirzah and i went to Barnes and Noble and had free smoothies
(thanks to the nook coupon)
while there, i picked u a couple magazines. i didn't look at them there, brought them home, both the girls read thru them while i made dinner. finally i got to sit down with them.
i started flipping thru, and stopped, had to look again, because there in print, were charts made with intwined studio!!!!
this wasn't even the mag that reviwed us or they one we advertised in....
so i scream, i start showing it to sam and the kids, call my mom (who was not home), called brooke (also not home) called sue who jumped up and down with me (because she was home).
so if you heard a scream, it could have been my fault. sorry if i made you jump.

thank you Yarn Forward!!!!!

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Scrabblequeen said...

You're funny. But congrats anyway! Merry Messiahmas...

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