Friday, November 19, 2010

so you know you have not been reading blogs lately when log on to bloglines website and it turns out it doesn't exist.
(at least right now, i guess some one bought it and is fiddling with it)

so because i was locked away up in the mountains on dial up until a few months ago, i do not even know what blogs i used to read.

so if you have a fave, please share.

Knitting wise the third and final Magic Carpet Ride sock club sock will get mailed out soon. pictures to come. actually this club was in the works while i was in europe, so i don't think there are project pages or that any of them have been raveled yet. oops!

i have a new yarn addiction to Holiday Yarns flock sock. seriously the bacon yarn is begging to become something. must find a good wiggly sock pattern for it.

Paradise Knitters has a new knit nite schedule, we swapped weeks with the paradise spinning guild.
KNITTING 1&3 thursdays
SPINNING 2&4 thursdays
everyone on 5th thursdays when they occur
we still meet at feather canyon gracious retirement, so feel free too join in anytime.

that is all for now, must finish some knitting, most of the stuff has been secret or surprise knitting.
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