Friday, August 27, 2010

Sock Blocking

I didnt get out of my booth much, but i didnt see Purrfectly 's wooden sock blockers so i came home from STS MW and needed sockblockers!

JoAnn's had on sale half off (now $7.99) their ArtBin boxes, which i needed more bins to store yarn in for different companies and submissions.

inside each container are 4 divider sheets. since i don't really need them, they are going to be sock blockers. 4 boxes= 16 sock blockers.

Kezzi has now gotten taller than me, and her sockblokcers need to be bigger, so we measuered the length of her foot and extended the size of the blockers so they can holder her socks.

We could Sharpie intials on them so each of the sizes for the kids could be easily identified.

enrolling her help soon i had a nice stack of sockblockers

which needed to be dressed of course

but what to do with the scraps????

wee tiny sock blockers

more scraps? with Chanukah being 100 days away, i need to get crafting! i decided the kids need mittens. so how about tracing their hands so i dont have to guess at size? this means the also will not be suspicious in the coming months. (", hey let me see your hand and where your thumb is...")

this also means MITTEN BLOCKERS!!! so i rounded off the hand shapes, added the name followed by the age of each of the kids.
so as long as they do not read my blog, it will stay a surprise.

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Scrabblequeen said...

YOU are incredibly clever! I want some of that cool plastic, or even the finished blockers (both kinds). Also...your trip to the Mid-west looks awesome, too. When do you fly out on next adventure?

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