Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stitches West 2010

wow i am soooo tired
the night before stitches i couldn't sleep- got maybe 2 hrs.
it didnt help that we also put a bid in on a house and dropped the papers off on the way out of town.
my hands were shaking at the opening of the first 2 market sessions.
by today i was doing a little better and actually got hungry and wanted to eat while i was there.
jordana paige did a wonderful blog post on how she used intwined studio for her latest pattern "Shane" so it was great to be able to thank her in person. she was our first celebrity endorsement.
friday i turned around to see cookie A in our booth and gasped. she demo'd Intwined pattern Studio in her class, the she sent janel laidman over who was so sweet and gave me a copy of enchanted sole. i wish i had my rivendels on when she was there.
i adore the becoming art yarn that is coming home with me, got to get in person chameleon colorworks yarn, creatively dyed yarn (calypso painted with over 500 yds!)
00000 and 000 DPNs, and some other wonderful stuff.

march 3 a new book will be out "how to knit a love song"
the author Rachael herron was lovely and i am so excited for her.
i can't wait to read her book.

Michael of fiber beat is way too much fun!

and the editor of knitter's magazine, Rick Mondragon asked if he could do a write up on us! so watch for future issues! ( i will let you know when i do which one summer or fall when i do)

it was so good to see becka and husboy. we had a wonderful time celebrating her 30th bday. and wow ! what an amazing ammount of hair on her head!

it was soo good to see merike! not long enough!
hopefully at stitches south we will have more time. i may have to take a class so i can talk to her ;0)

pictures of course to follow:

Monday, February 08, 2010

Talia's Wings

It's almost time for Sock Madness 4, so i thought i would release the pattern used in round 3 of last year's Sock Madness 3.

the socks are ofcourse named for our youngest daugter Talia.
Talia means dew from heaven, but is also according to hebrew legend, the angel who keeps the sun in its course.
So the golden angel wings which melt into hearts were perfect for Talia Socks.

gritterknitter did a lovely job modifying the pattern to fit her daughter's feet for matching socks.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Intwined Pattern Studio Contest

Favor Software's Intwined Pattern Studio has been available to purchase for almost 2 weeks now. So far it has sold in 8 countries: Korea, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, England, Austrailia, Canada and the USA.

Being that it is so easy to modify the stitch sets to your liking, it lends itself well to creating mulitlingual patterns.

Very often I would rather knit from a chart. I can keep track of my progress and see what it is supposed to look like. With Intwined, besides designing, I can create and graph charts from the written text of patterns for my own personal use.
or vice versa, chart the graph symbols and receive text if charts aren't your thing.
You can go from idea to PDF without needing any other software and you don't need to take classes on how to use it in order to get a design out.

When you think that its the price of 2 skeins of yarn- the good stuff ofcourse- and that I at least spend that much and stash it, its a pretty good investment that doesn't take up closet space :0)
I am very excited to see how things go at Stitches West in less than 4 weeks.
it is very exciting to get to see atleast one crazy idea take off. :0)

Intwined Studio Contest:
if you have Intwined Pattern Studio, share a link to what you have made with it between now and May 31. Each entry will qualify for a chance to win a lovely prize!

Stop by booth 1135 at Stitches West and mention the contest for another chance to enter.

Blog about Intwined and send me the link to your blog post for another entry.

Yarn and swag...i will post more on the prizes in a month.
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