Thursday, January 14, 2010

pain from paradise to PortAPrince

24 hours ago I dropped my children off at my mother’s to sit with beloved friends who were fighting for their daughter in law’s life. Stephanie was feeling run down and went to the ER, houre later she was flown to Sacramento with bits of her family in tow. Including her 6 wk old daughter, Evelyn , 5 yr old son Gavin, husband, brothers and cousins…culminating in 4 generations gathering to proclaim their love for her.
No cause, no reason, no idea how to treat this beautiful 27 yr old who was losing blood as fast as they put it in. little by little Stephanie’s body shut down. The amazing CICU staff brought her back from the brink, tried every treatment comprehensible. I doubt if Dr House himself could solved this one.
I have never seen anything more heart breaknmg than a daddy whispering to his infant baby that her mommy loves her while the staff are asking where he stands on DNR. So strong, so tender.
Stephanie stopped breathing, and the last machine turned off as a bell announced the birth of a brand new baby, we think the 10th born that day. Very surreal, very complete.
Baby Evelyn has been admitted to the hospital, pre pnemonia. Blood work being done since during her mother’s mysterious illness she was still on breast milk. Pray for the family, pray for Justin, Cat and Brian, all the mourning hearts. Pray for baby Evie safety and health. Pray for answers and healing.


Ruth said...

That is heart-breaking. That poor woman and her poor family. such sadness. I shall send up a prayer for strength and comfort for the family.

Pat said...

This is so sad and we are lifting everyone up in prayers

punkin said...

Blinking back the tears. heartbreaking. Praying for healing - all kinds.

Shan said...

Oh Jesus. **crying**

Creative Genius? said...

oh gosh I am so very very sorry!

ann said...

so sorry for the heartbreaking loss
God has plans. praying for healing of all yourself included!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweets! I am so sad for the loss.. and what a ripple effect..a baby's loss of her mommy, a husband's loss of his bride, a parent's loss of their daughter...they are surrounded in loving arms.. and so many praying for them...including me... love ya (brooke)

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