Thursday, December 31, 2009


So a year ago, i took my knitting software and tossed it into my husband's lap declaring my frustration with it, and asked....ok demanded, that he make something better.
Taking it up with his boss, the 3 guys at Favor Software came up with this great new Knitting Design Software. Intwined Pattern Studio

"Intwined Pattern Studio is pattern design software designed to be easy to use, powerful, and flexable, at the same time that it's affordably priced. Here are just a few of the many features:
*Create an entire pattern and print it or save it to PDF directly from our software.
*70+ stitches and 40+ cables available from the default Stitch Library. (Ablity to add stitches, and change icons).
*Type in your pattern and generate the chart on the fly, this can handle circular and flat knitting styles.

We will have the software debut at Stitches! Yipppeee!
As of This moment we are booth #1138
So Stop by and say hi if you are going to be there!

Monday, December 21, 2009

darcy and leslie

i went to the mailbox today in the down pour, its 2 houses to the east of my house so it sounds really adventurous.
being in the small 300 people town, my postmaster is a friend. Tiff gets as excited about our mail as we do. she loved all the postacrds from india and nepal.
so i opened it right there.
inside a plain bubble envelope was the most amazing Cable pendant engraved "Love Darcy and Leslie"

i love it! did i mention its on a thicker cord so i can't loose it?!
not only is it invaluable to knitting but its my favourite jewelry.
years ago when leslie had this idea, i was totally for it so i would not loose my cable needle in the middle of a project or forget i hooked it on my shirt collar.
i am so proud of where she has taken it. 6 magazines i think so far have done a spotlight on it. (vogue,interweave, spinoff)
so if you get a chance go congratulate her!

and schmooze with darcy too!
if you stop by you can enter to win your own Cable needle necklace!
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