Monday, June 29, 2009

PennyRose yarn

I have been collaborating with Ruth over at PennyRose yarn this is Olivia23's version
i designed this sock for her exclusive kits. if you are interested in pruchasing it
you can find Ruth over at etsy
it comes in 2 colourway aztec gold/emerald and rose/chartruese

ChrisMyRockstar Update

we were so blessed to get to have chris come see us in the midst of his sister graduating and then having to get ready for new york.
bella was soo excited. she whispered to me " i wanted to scream when he came in, but i knew it wouldn't be appropriate"

he gave her the new CD and she has been singing it all over the house

keep him in prayer, he looks wonderful, but is still fighting the cancer.
he has a busy concert schedule and speaking engagements this summer but we hope to have him back "home" in october for our big anniversary bash.

Bubbe's Shawl

After years, mom finally got a shawl.
it took extra long since i ran out of yarn 5 rows before the end.
sockotta 3.25 skeins
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