Monday, May 11, 2009

Sock Wars IV

early this morning a crisp envelope arrived with the dossier of the one i am to kill with a pair of socks.
after some investigating, i discovered a colourful yet uppity burro in the state of connecticut.

as long as the pattern arrives early on the 15th, i should be good to go! (when i leave for a weekend in sonora...great knitting time) my team mates have my cell just incase the pattern needs to be text to me.

working furiously on the mother's day shawl...obviously not done for mother's day.
:0) but its 80% there.

hubby leaves for thailand on thursday, so i will need books and knitting to keep me company. the kids and i picked out some new stories to read aloud while daddy is gone. "the last of the really great whangdoodles" and the looking glass wars plus a time travel book and a mysterious adventure.


Scrabblequeen said... to me by email of Thailand, k?

Allena said...

i can't wait for SW to start! i just have to wind my yarn!

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