Monday, May 18, 2009

Sock Wars 4

sam made it safely to thailand saturday-ish. he called us sunday. it was great to hear his voice.
we took the van in to be fixed last week and as of today i am still car-less. :0(
if they cant make it work and smog i will be home way more often. being home gave me time for:


sock wars 4 began friday as i was on my way to sonora. they released 3 patterns so i couldn't just have it read or text to me as originally planned. luckily a motel 6 by the quick subway stop had a free wifi i could tap into and i was ablr to download the 3 patterns.
by the time i was home sunday, i had just a few rows on the toe left, but then had to ripp back to the first instep cable and start over.
now sock#1 is done again. however yogaknot
is gunning for me!
celtic memory having fairy magic directly inserted into the fiber has served me well and sock#1 is done! highly recommend jo's lovely yarn!

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