Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray For Chris MyRockStar!

we have been privielged to know chris for 5 years now.
he has slept on our floor and had our kids climb all over him, sung to bella on stage, ate pizza with us and played some awesome concerts for us. he even was the band for our 10th anniversary.
so needless to say, we are very fond of him.

Chris is going thru chemo and laser treatments for a cancerous tumor behind his eye.
Please pray for him (and his 2 lil babies) for healing, and peace....

Up and down like san francisco

Sock Madness Round 3 is a pattern i wrote.
Seder for 100 people went so well!
we had an amazing time in San Francisco with New Light Ruins.
but my van is broken , and we got to borrow the batz suburban

Came home, talked to Chris MYRockStar about his chemo.
he is so heavy on my heart i can't even knit.
G-d has more for you than this.

thailand will be in monsoon season when he goes.
New Light Ruins will come up here in a few weeks.

so i am a roller coaster of emotions right now

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sock Madness Rnd 2

Zemy' tokena pattern was great to knit, the 2 colours made it a lil harder but seeing the pattern materialize helped it go quickly.
the finished opicture is not quite clear so you get yesterday afternoon's almost done progress sock.
Malachai is the new owner of these socks ( 2 of my kids now have bigger feet than me)

Monday, April 06, 2009

SM3 Round 2

well, sat AM i rushed out the door, yarn in hand (charcol & white), printed the pattern and grabbed a needle, turned out to be too small of a needle, so i had to restart yesterday!
KP Gloss Yarn in serengetti and burgundy
now on a US 2
Token by Zemy

Friday, April 03, 2009


you need to go enter over here:

do you remember the posts about the fabulous leslie wind cable needles?
well you can win one that matches the one i wore at stitches west, with the silver butterfly....
plus alot of other great stuff!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vera's Cowl

my MIL was coming to visit from Colorado, but weather and plans change.
So i mailed her the cowl i made.
Here it is on Tirzah.
Vera is usually busy working hard and i figured scarf ends would get in the way, so a cowl for ease and warmth. :0)

(pattern available on ravelry)

Sock Madness round 1

Today is the close of round 1
luckily i finished my socks a few days ago.

these are Mer-tini socks which included the recipe to mix up the drink :0)raspberry based them on the drunkard's path quilt square featuring an afterthought heel.
i used bamboo spica 100% bamboo from julia's yarn.
i love them! they now live at Bubbe's.


this is for a future pair of SM3 socks

Robin DOdge One Sheep Hill yarn in "poppy"
i love her yarn!
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