Friday, March 06, 2009

Sneaky Short Rows

at stitches i took sneaky short row shaping.
( tell them yarnyenta sent ya!)

this was a great class. i learned 4 short row methods including japanese short rows...with and without pins.

i had left the pink yarn in the car and started the class with the sock yarn wedge. but shmuel, my hero, brought it to me. :0) so the rest of the wedges are in similar yarn weights.

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Brooke Knits said...

When the snow thaws.. wanna teach me the short rows?? Bet ya can't wait for spring! One of Blake's army buddies stopped by the office today.. we visited for a few hours! What a treat.. then my SP box came (Friday) and today some more SFS yarn and a gift basket with a prayer shawl...i want to cry - but i am feeling well loved today..

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