Friday, March 06, 2009


Acer is the latin for maple tree. so i decided to name my acer aspire one after a maple tree. :0) (all those botanic illustration classes)
acer miyabei is a japanese maple tree. the miyabei has something to do with snow/white so since its a white acer... this is Miyabei

the fabulous tattoo came all the way from Ha Eretz (Israel). and they sent tons of fun bonuses. love them! so if you are at etsy, check out Post. they make these great vinyl tats for the toilet tank! very fun!

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Brooke Knits said...

OK, so I am pretty sure there is a passage in the bible about not being tattooed... so, i may go to hell when I die.. but I am getting a tattoo,,, me, not the toilet tank, but thats safter.. I like it.

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