Thursday, December 31, 2009


So a year ago, i took my knitting software and tossed it into my husband's lap declaring my frustration with it, and asked....ok demanded, that he make something better.
Taking it up with his boss, the 3 guys at Favor Software came up with this great new Knitting Design Software. Intwined Pattern Studio

"Intwined Pattern Studio is pattern design software designed to be easy to use, powerful, and flexable, at the same time that it's affordably priced. Here are just a few of the many features:
*Create an entire pattern and print it or save it to PDF directly from our software.
*70+ stitches and 40+ cables available from the default Stitch Library. (Ablity to add stitches, and change icons).
*Type in your pattern and generate the chart on the fly, this can handle circular and flat knitting styles.

We will have the software debut at Stitches! Yipppeee!
As of This moment we are booth #1138
So Stop by and say hi if you are going to be there!

Monday, December 21, 2009

darcy and leslie

i went to the mailbox today in the down pour, its 2 houses to the east of my house so it sounds really adventurous.
being in the small 300 people town, my postmaster is a friend. Tiff gets as excited about our mail as we do. she loved all the postacrds from india and nepal.
so i opened it right there.
inside a plain bubble envelope was the most amazing Cable pendant engraved "Love Darcy and Leslie"

i love it! did i mention its on a thicker cord so i can't loose it?!
not only is it invaluable to knitting but its my favourite jewelry.
years ago when leslie had this idea, i was totally for it so i would not loose my cable needle in the middle of a project or forget i hooked it on my shirt collar.
i am so proud of where she has taken it. 6 magazines i think so far have done a spotlight on it. (vogue,interweave, spinoff)
so if you get a chance go congratulate her!

and schmooze with darcy too!
if you stop by you can enter to win your own Cable needle necklace!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I am pleased to announce that i am woking with Penny Rose Yarns on a new Sock Of The Month club for 2010.
the socks are all going to be based on the Flower Fairies by Cecliy Mary Barker and ruth dyes amazing floral yarns, so we are very excited about this partnership.
Details on purchasing the SOTM subscriptions (spring, summer etc) will be at
Yarnarian or at her etsy Fritzl

if you are on ravelry you can find the group at:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


as of today there are 953 downloads of the screaming girl lace socks pattern i designed for Super Sock Scarefest.
i am so amazed.
so the 1,000th Raveler to download will get a special prize!

Screaming Girl Lace Knit and Splattered by Olivia23

Monday, October 05, 2009

I haven't been blogging as much, here are some of the things that have kept me busy. The sock patterns are available on Ravelry.

Celtic Pennies
Celtic knots socks knit with 2 colours, heart shaped toe with heart cables

Originally Designed for PennyRose Yarns as an exclusive Kit, this sock is now available for purchase.

Crystal Continuum Socks LGW1

Inspired by the Looking Glass Wars
"Lewis Carroll got it all wrong. In the Looking Glass wars, the horrible truth is revealed. Alyss Heart battles to regain her kingdom from her evil aunt, Redd.
By traveling thru mirrors into the crystal continuum, wandering thru portals, Alyss, Dodge and Hatter Mattigan are able to escape…but for how long?

this one is by hexidecimal, striped yarn:

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mandy and Kendall

we are so blessed! mandy got to bring baby kendall home from sacramento.
home is currently an RV in kendall's grandparents' yard.but it has no drs or tubes.
please continue to keep this lil family in your prayers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Been Busy

my brother is getting married in 3 weeks.
so i have been busy.

Ruth from PennyRose yarns is using a sock design for her upcoming wicked women KAL.
You can go to her etsy and website for more info. but it should be very fun. Socks and scarves make up the kits.

Plus alot of people asked to do Super Sock Scarefest again this year so next week that will be in full swing. the Fabulous Janine Le Cras is designing with me again. it will produce some funky socks!

And we have been reading the Looking Glass wars books. Several new designs are on ravelry based on the TRUE story of Alyss Heart ;0)

Hope your summer was great! Sorry i have been absent. now that the library has internet i may get to post a bit more :0)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kendall Grace Jensen

our friends mandy and chris jensen had their baby unexpectedly early.
please keep this little 4lb 6oz princess in prayer so she can come home quickly, and for her parents who were recently informed by their landlord that they would need a new place to live after august.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My #1 Fan

this is my friend Linds, aka Olivia23, knitting a sock i designed at garden of the gods in colorado springs, my old home.
she took this picture just for me so i could get to feel like i got to visit too

here is a picture of the finished sock: Celtic Pennies for Penny Rose yarn

Friday, July 03, 2009

Sole Mate knitter socks

For my bday, Shmuli bought me some socks...cuz i knit him socks for his.
They are purposely mismatched crazy socks. perfect for a knitter right?
i love them. the maker's site:
which shows she is a knitter and that's why the socks are so great.
i hiked mount lassen last month when there was still about 20 ft of snow and i was the only one with warm feet :0)
my socks are green and purple and red ones on the far right

proof of snow in june

Monday, June 29, 2009

PennyRose yarn

I have been collaborating with Ruth over at PennyRose yarn this is Olivia23's version
i designed this sock for her exclusive kits. if you are interested in pruchasing it
you can find Ruth over at etsy
it comes in 2 colourway aztec gold/emerald and rose/chartruese

ChrisMyRockstar Update

we were so blessed to get to have chris come see us in the midst of his sister graduating and then having to get ready for new york.
bella was soo excited. she whispered to me " i wanted to scream when he came in, but i knew it wouldn't be appropriate"

he gave her the new CD and she has been singing it all over the house

keep him in prayer, he looks wonderful, but is still fighting the cancer.
he has a busy concert schedule and speaking engagements this summer but we hope to have him back "home" in october for our big anniversary bash.

Bubbe's Shawl

After years, mom finally got a shawl.
it took extra long since i ran out of yarn 5 rows before the end.
sockotta 3.25 skeins

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sock Wars 4

sam made it safely to thailand saturday-ish. he called us sunday. it was great to hear his voice.
we took the van in to be fixed last week and as of today i am still car-less. :0(
if they cant make it work and smog i will be home way more often. being home gave me time for:


sock wars 4 began friday as i was on my way to sonora. they released 3 patterns so i couldn't just have it read or text to me as originally planned. luckily a motel 6 by the quick subway stop had a free wifi i could tap into and i was ablr to download the 3 patterns.
by the time i was home sunday, i had just a few rows on the toe left, but then had to ripp back to the first instep cable and start over.
now sock#1 is done again. however yogaknot
is gunning for me!
celtic memory having fairy magic directly inserted into the fiber has served me well and sock#1 is done! highly recommend jo's lovely yarn!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sock Wars IV

early this morning a crisp envelope arrived with the dossier of the one i am to kill with a pair of socks.
after some investigating, i discovered a colourful yet uppity burro in the state of connecticut.

as long as the pattern arrives early on the 15th, i should be good to go! (when i leave for a weekend in sonora...great knitting time) my team mates have my cell just incase the pattern needs to be text to me.

working furiously on the mother's day shawl...obviously not done for mother's day.
:0) but its 80% there.

hubby leaves for thailand on thursday, so i will need books and knitting to keep me company. the kids and i picked out some new stories to read aloud while daddy is gone. "the last of the really great whangdoodles" and the looking glass wars plus a time travel book and a mysterious adventure.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray For Chris MyRockStar!

we have been privielged to know chris for 5 years now.
he has slept on our floor and had our kids climb all over him, sung to bella on stage, ate pizza with us and played some awesome concerts for us. he even was the band for our 10th anniversary.
so needless to say, we are very fond of him.

Chris is going thru chemo and laser treatments for a cancerous tumor behind his eye.
Please pray for him (and his 2 lil babies) for healing, and peace....

Up and down like san francisco

Sock Madness Round 3 is a pattern i wrote.
Seder for 100 people went so well!
we had an amazing time in San Francisco with New Light Ruins.
but my van is broken , and we got to borrow the batz suburban

Came home, talked to Chris MYRockStar about his chemo.
he is so heavy on my heart i can't even knit.
G-d has more for you than this.

thailand will be in monsoon season when he goes.
New Light Ruins will come up here in a few weeks.

so i am a roller coaster of emotions right now

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sock Madness Rnd 2

Zemy' tokena pattern was great to knit, the 2 colours made it a lil harder but seeing the pattern materialize helped it go quickly.
the finished opicture is not quite clear so you get yesterday afternoon's almost done progress sock.
Malachai is the new owner of these socks ( 2 of my kids now have bigger feet than me)

Monday, April 06, 2009

SM3 Round 2

well, sat AM i rushed out the door, yarn in hand (charcol & white), printed the pattern and grabbed a needle, turned out to be too small of a needle, so i had to restart yesterday!
KP Gloss Yarn in serengetti and burgundy
now on a US 2
Token by Zemy

Friday, April 03, 2009


you need to go enter over here:

do you remember the posts about the fabulous leslie wind cable needles?
well you can win one that matches the one i wore at stitches west, with the silver butterfly....
plus alot of other great stuff!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vera's Cowl

my MIL was coming to visit from Colorado, but weather and plans change.
So i mailed her the cowl i made.
Here it is on Tirzah.
Vera is usually busy working hard and i figured scarf ends would get in the way, so a cowl for ease and warmth. :0)

(pattern available on ravelry)

Sock Madness round 1

Today is the close of round 1
luckily i finished my socks a few days ago.

these are Mer-tini socks which included the recipe to mix up the drink :0)raspberry based them on the drunkard's path quilt square featuring an afterthought heel.
i used bamboo spica 100% bamboo from julia's yarn.
i love them! they now live at Bubbe's.


this is for a future pair of SM3 socks

Robin DOdge One Sheep Hill yarn in "poppy"
i love her yarn!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SOCK MADNESS 3 starts this week!

so here are some of the lovelies that may be worked up over this year's games.
louet gems, meilenweit multiringer, rio de le plata, misti alapac sock, arucania ranco in a delicious green, knit picks gloss burgundy and serengetti.

round 1 requires 260 yds. which is leaving me guessing which to use.

Knitting books in Review

Knitting books find their way to my house quite often. A bibliophile at heart, I love books more than I love yarn. (GASP!) I edit my books with pencil notations and even if the mistake is terribly irksome, with White-out. (With as many basic typing mistakes as I have, this may come as a shock to my blog readers.)

Today with in the first 10 minutes of playing with the book Knitting: The Complete Guide, I was horrified. I would not show my face if I were the editor. I feel horrible for the poor author. All the work of putting together a book and it is a disaster. It is heartbreaking.

JUST THE TABLE OF CONTENTS! The page numbers are totally wrong. Sections are either out of order or duplicated.

Then there is the entrelac photo for undulating dropped stitches, the bobble edging photo for all over bobbles, the poor bobble stripes chart… Did I mention entrelac directions are nowhere to be found? I am truly scared to look in depth at the rest of it for fear if I find a stitch I like, the directions will be wrong or the photo that drew me in is a tool of deception.

Oh the hours of swatching stitches that must have been wasted!
Can you issue errata for almost an entire book?!

The Field Guide to Knitting however was an unexpected delight. As the author states at the beginning, “This easy to carry book contains instructions for each stitch pattern along with such valuable information as the characteristics of the fabric it creates (Will it stretch? How will it drape? Does it lie flat? Will it distort?); the amount of yarn it will consume, history and background of the stitch and ideas for how it is used.”

There are little symbols for if it is a stitch that you can do while watching TV, whether the stitch eats up yarn, if it can be used in the round, etc… This takes a lot of doodling and swatching and planning out of a design and helps narrow things down a bit faster. (Like some people hate long division, there is a short cut with this reference tool!)

I used to call my mother when we were separated by states, and have her interpret pattern lingo to me. Being very wise she made sure I learned to read patterns and charts. This is invaluable to me today. However there is something that “knits you together” with another person as you step by step go thru the way the fiber curls, loops, and dips, and what it should look like. The Field Guide to Knitting really does have an open friendly feel as if Jackie Pawlowski is sitting at your side teaching you about each stitch. Like Elizabeth Zimmerman, Jackie believes you should know how to read your knitting and offers you the tools to do so.

If you are without an LYS, (or if they are one of those that charge an arm and a leg if you bought the yarn somewhere else and have the audacity to ask them for help) get this book! (And if you don’t know about, go there too!)

There’s my 2 cents. hope you find some lovely books... and pass on the titles to me???

Thursday, March 12, 2009


this is elenora.
in a cheap lionbrand baby (sport weight) but lovely green.
us5 needles

i was working on this at stitches west. it is warm and comfy and just right for spring when i may not need a whole sweater, just some sleeves.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Lucy Neatby!!!!!!!!!!!

what more can i say?

Sneaky Short Rows

at stitches i took sneaky short row shaping.
( tell them yarnyenta sent ya!)

this was a great class. i learned 4 short row methods including japanese short rows...with and without pins.

i had left the pink yarn in the car and started the class with the sock yarn wedge. but shmuel, my hero, brought it to me. :0) so the rest of the wedges are in similar yarn weights.


Acer is the latin for maple tree. so i decided to name my acer aspire one after a maple tree. :0) (all those botanic illustration classes)
acer miyabei is a japanese maple tree. the miyabei has something to do with snow/white so since its a white acer... this is Miyabei

the fabulous tattoo came all the way from Ha Eretz (Israel). and they sent tons of fun bonuses. love them! so if you are at etsy, check out Post. they make these great vinyl tats for the toilet tank! very fun!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

on our way down, the almonds were blooming. or as they locals say "a'monds" (cuz when they fall from the tree it knocks the "L" out of em)P

anyways...they smelled amazing! it was so beautiful!
so here is a quickie picture as we drove by

Knitting Wounded

while at stitches i got to meet my beloved Becka IRL.
we had not enough time but still it was great. Husboy and Shmuli indulged us in dinner. wow, was the food yummy. And considering how insanely lost we got getting there, it is a good thing! :0)

this was my favourite part of the whole trip :0)

Stitches West 2009

ScrabbleQueen and I at Blue Moon Fiber Atrs.
(thanks Irishgirlieknits for snapping the pix! check out one of her great patterns)

Stitches was wonderful.
great friends, great food, fabulous yarn and amazing classes!
i kept forgetting to pull out my camera....
so the pictures are scarce.

while i was in Estonian Nupps Bobbles and Berries, Shmuel went shopping. I know some wives were pretty envious. He actually listened to my ramblings and found the key things i wanted :0)
Then i met Marisol and Preacher's Kid in their swallowtails...mine was in the car.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines!

we are luckily ging to the local firehouse for dinner and a movie ("fireproof"- isnt that cute?) so the snow wont keep us from walking over! :0)

here is sam digging us out of this morning's 14"
we sent the kids down the hill yesterday so they could make it to Wonderful Winter Weekend in Sonora....good thing!
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