Thursday, May 29, 2008

ok, ok...

i love all the comments!

isnt it amazing how we all believe breast cancer is detected by a lump?!

yes, get check ups every year! paps and mams.

some places have free screenings for breast cancer. go!

but for those of us who are under 45, we dont get mammograms!

Becka, btw, is an ancient 27.

so educate others.

they say breast feeding helps i am hoping my 6 babies have put me into the good odds.

but dont assume anything!

now for the hair.

pretend i have slept

and actually have make up on.

and remember i cut it myself,

so dont be too harsh!
tirzah like this one better.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so i had to tell Becka first

but i cut my hair

(those of you wondering who that short haired girl hubby was kissing is...yep, its me!)

it is on its wayto Locks of Love.

ignore those greys!

So tomorrow is Becka's Last Day of chemo.

Her deboobing is my bday, June 23.

so to help raise awareness for Inflammatory Breast Cancer i am gonna have a lil contest.

2 ways to win and 2 prizes

1-you can leave a comment about 1 thing you learned about IBC, who cares if someone else says it first, if its what you learned, say it any way. Winner will get a Sockaida sock bag- hand madeby me, inspired by


2-if you cut and donate your hair to locks for love between tomorrow and june 23...documented evidence needed ( we want the gorey pictures of the hacking off!) you will be entered to win yarn. cuz yarn is warm and wonderful and makes us feel better.
2 skeins of becka's last day sock yarn!

extra bonus tickets for the drawing will be awarded to those who blog about it or chat about it on ravelry ( send me links!) and thpose who donate 15" or more will get bonus points too.

come on. its summer you know you want a cute lil bobbed hairdo!
Sue over at Lovely Yarns in balitimore sent tirzah a lovely box today!
sue organizes the mother bear project that sends bears- hand knit- to children in africa.
she sent one for tirzah to take on her trip to the orphanage ;0)

she also sent her some cute stuff! tirzah is currently wearing both tshirt and scarf even though its a sunny warm california day. can you blame her though?

she was ecstatic to have her own stitch markers too!

Thanks Sue! you totally Rock!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

OMG! i made the lime and violet daily chum!

for those who dont know after brain storming and sock madness, i suggested we do a sock KAL that was for all our scary sock ideas. (dorian gray socks, zombie socks by Emm1e, vampire socks,van helsing socks...)

so! go check out the post!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

cuz he is sweet

sock yarn from sam.
meilen weit tweed that he picked out for his own socks-very cute
2 berroco sox, 2 haapy feet, alapaca sockx and i forget the name of the green one.
plus he got me some knitting magazines :0)

window pane socks

fly designs and claudia handpaint yarns

the colours are really washed out. but this is what i made on the way to sonora. you gotta love emergency yarn in your bag, cuz when you forget your original project at home, you still have something to work on.

2 weeks?

yikes! sorry for not blogging!
i am currently in my foxhole knitting my sockwars socks "the detanator" pattern.
but i also have "work" knitting i have been doing.

i went away to sonora, it was wonderful, massages, an open bar...not that kind of bar, a far better open "Starbuck-ish" coffee bar,, mountains, and great friends. i drug a couple of the women up here along with me this year and we had so much fun.

last night we took our kids, and 3 other familes and their kids joined us, for prince caspian. a good movie, but not as true to the text as i would have liked. aslan of course peirced my heart, "why didnt you come when i called"
how often do we hear G-d calling and not follow?

you may get some pictures this week. we shall see...sam's car is getting fixed as we speak so thursday i should have my car back. whoohoo!
we did get SOME of our tax stimulas, but they think we are a single parent household i guess, and we didnt get the joint-filing-married couple money. :0( so knowing i was stuck at home and we had $, shmuli was so cool! he went to 2 yarn stores this week, and surprised me with presents! i will show you the yarn tomorrow hopefully. :0)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

they say that

confession is good for the soul....
well i decided since i am moving to sort my yarn.

i would pull all the containers to the porch and divide it.
JP and i had discussed the fact that we grow out of some of our yarns as our knitting progresses.

so i collected most of the stash, not the handdyed and GOOD sock yarns, but everything else.
and not the unspun fiber....
this was not a good idea.

my husband does not need to see these pictures. :0)
there is a rubbermaid of yarn i made him move from colorado. it is pretty much all red heart i bought at a clearance sale, and other crochet threads and stuff from when i was crocheting lace.
tali is ready to shop mommie's yarn store and i am off to sort.

1 skeins for those trendy scarves, hats or something, oops carefull with those 4 skeins cuz that is $75 dollars you are juggling!!!
why did i buy this?
or that?!
ew, the pelts of muppets!!!!!
guess i could make hedgehogs....

Monday, May 05, 2008

Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter),

by Natan Alterman:
The earth grows still.
The lurid sky slowly pales over smoking borders.
Heartsick but still living, a people stand by
To great the uniqueness
Of the miracle.
Readied, they wait beneath the moon,
Wrapped in awesome joy before the light. - -
Then soon,
A girl and boy step forward,
And slowly walk before the waiting nation;
In work clothes and heavy-shod
They climb
In stillness.
Wearing still the dress of battle, the grime
Of aching day and fired night
Unwashed, weary until death, not knowing rest,
But wearing youth like dewdrops in their hair.- -
Silently the two approach
And stand.
Are they of the quick or of the dead?
Through wondering tears, the people stare.
"Who are you, the silent two?"
And they reply: "We are the silver platter
Upon which the Jewish State was served to you."
And speaking, fall in shadow at the nation's feet.
Let the rest in Israel's chronicles be told.

Yom HaZikaron, the Day of Remembrance or Israel Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day.

thursday is an Israeli national holiday, i think it is fitting to have this be the day before celebrating Israel Independence Day, Yom Ha-Atzma'ut.
in america we observe the fallen and celebrate our freedom so far apart, that the price paid for our nation is not at the front of our minds as we watch fireworks, etc...
there is more gratitude this way i think.

we have friends in jerusalem this week. i am envious. it has been 16 yrs since i was in HaEretz.
what a great honour to be there for the 60 anniversary celebration.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yom HaShoah reading

Those who cannot remember the past are comdemned to repeat it ...

i was asked if there are any celebrations for today. no.
it is a world wide day of mourning.
but it is something that has to be talked about, so we can save others from experiencing the same autrocities.

one of my favourite books is conscience and courage.
it talks about those who hid and helped jews survive.

the older girls have i am a star.

i never saw another butterfly is incredibly touching. the houston holocaust museum is collecting butterflies for an exhibit, one for each of the 1.5 million children who was lost.

this one is a newer one to our family. it helps explain it to children, as much as you can explain genocide. ( i wonder if the anne frank website has updated their genocide list to include rwanda , tibet, and darfur. it had only bosnia listed as the latest known act.

last year we had the priviledge of meeting rosemary schindler, yes of the oskar schindler family.
trying to explain to the children why her family was so loved and respected, was something that words fail at.

my family emmigrated to canada from skopje ( it has only about 30 jews there today). i had relatives at the Jasenovac camp, my great-great aunts and grandmother. i dont have many pictures. but this one is my great grandmother teresa weiss. my favourite picture of her is on the streets with these signs in german protesting hitler and the nazis.
i want that courage to stand up against evil.

my other favourite picture of her is with my great grandfather in ontario on the front porch of their house. the are the 2 old, cute people. it is hard to look at that picture and see the people who experienced so many things.

so pull out your paper clips, light candles, and say the kaddish today.

to watch, this was done by my friend sally klein oconnor

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