Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rabbits are trouble

my first "date" with my hubby, we had chinese for lunch in colorado springs. the placemat calendar told him i was trouble, (i was the rabbit).
it said he was my opposite and to stay away.
So we have a rabbit joke at our house, which as we had our bunch of kids became a bigger joke with our friends. haha.

I fell in love with fuzzy mitten's bunnies.
i love bunny knitter's bunnies too, but she doesnt sell patterns yet :-(

Here is how our bunny looks so far:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When you get snow....

you make: Winnie the Pooh ice cream

( "would you like honey or condensed milk on your bread?", rabbit asks. "Both" replies Pooh, "but no bread if you please, just a small helping...."

This may look a bit gross but it is really good and one way to make sure the kids dont just eat the snow out side. Think Dulce de Leche. mmm, yummy!

what you need:
1-a huge bowl of CLEAN snow
i dont know how many times i have had to stress this, but CLEAN snow does not have bits of grass in it or dirt, and it is most definitely not yellow. also as a rule, it cant have fallen from the roof, and only tops layers of snow.

2- can of sweetened condesed milk, we used fat free.

3- a bear full of honey, if you are out of honey "princess syrup" also known as caro light syrup works but not true Pooh bear icecream without the honey.

warm the condensed milk in the microwave, 20 sec intervals til it is more managable.
drizzle both it and the honey on to the CLEAN snow.

mix it up. okay you more like cut it in cuz the honey hits the snow and hardens. this is why warming the milk helps.

serve in a huge mound on a plate. it is really fluffy so it looks like alot to the kids, but it really isnt.

be sure to have hot chocolate ready since the snow gatherers are already cold.

Our Snowy Day...same ole story i know

here is our snowy home. i dont know if there are any blog pictures of the house...the giant trees make it look really tiny :-)
Tali learning to make snowballs
a menacing snowball perched in bella's hands , and yes tirzah is about to shake the tree and dump snow on the baby. not nice, but that is how you win a battle, send the enemy home in tears.
Chai armed and ready.
BUT not as ready as Kezzi is!

at 1pm we had 3.5" they are predicting 7-10". everything has been cancelled in town tomorrow...and yes once again no massage :-(

Monday, January 28, 2008

yep, another one

drying on my corning bakeware. (the blanket mom made for chai when he was born....9 yrs ago...boohoo! he is way too old!)

noro kureyon
cascade 220

this is for the store too, cuz i got books to pay for! ( i got a new stone edition tanakh and a siddur that is transliterated for the kids)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Knit the classics

the current book for "knit the classics" is the count of monte cristo, a favourite of project for this book is going to be the vendetta socks from chocolate princess. i have stash yarn in red and black that i think i will use. depending on the weight of course that the pattern calls for.

so between the jane austen movies and stack of books, i am adding another book and ofcourse the movies will have to be rented...i own the 2002 movie but want to see the gerard depardieu version.


I have had several requests to make bakarhan style kippot. so this was an experiment to see if it would work, yarn and needle size. it turned out pretty close to what i was hoping.
i modified a tam pattern ( ) and changed needle sizes and yarn weight to make it about the right circumfrence. it is not as pinky purple as the flash made it. :-)

( yes chai needs a hair cut, but he is unwilling at the moment )

SWS (soy wool stripes)
Red heart (gasp!) soft acrylic

Friday, January 25, 2008

today we had a surprise visit, in the now rain instead of snow.

mandy and chris brought a present.

This is now my favourite tshirt! chris found it online somewhere, but i forget. he will probably tell us in the comments. :-)

thank you thank you ! XXXOOO

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here is what we woke up to this morning. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a snowplow somewhere insight. we live at about 2400 feet and snow levels are at 500, so we got a good ammount so far. luckily sam can connect to his work PC from home, and the kids have been quiet enough that he has gotten alot done.
Julie-sorry i kept you up til 2am with making fiends :-)

the sad thing is the weather has kept me from my twice a week PT appts (which are massages!)
so my shoulder is a bit stiff today. but i hope to get back to my regular tues and thurs massages soon!

I started a new study yesterday Liz Curtis Higgs' Loved by G-d. it looks like it will be a great study. and the women in the class are alot of fun.
Liz is one of my favourite authors. For chanukah mom got me her story based on dinah with a signed bookplate in it! :-)

the snow has also kept us from textual criticism monday, so this is getting to be one long class! hopefully i can just email my homework and get done with it. so we can advance to class2. i have learned alot form this class and cant wait to apply it.

here is my progress on the suess socks:

yarn "sam I am" sport weight from luxe fibre

plain ole toe up socks

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

monkeying around with my boyfriend

monkey socks ( 2.5 mm needles Claudia Handpaint yarn "walk in the woods"
i adore these colours. the area tiny bit darker than the picture.
monkey socks (yep still 2.5 mm crystal palace's panda wool (bamboo & wool)
just anklettes so i pattern repeat before the heel. pretty yarn but it splits so much! grrr!
I had totally forgotten about these socks! i was working on them for Sam cuz he still is my favourite crush. pattern boyfriend socks started the toe with US 0 and incresed to a US 1.
wildfoote wool in master grey. i was going to use the yarn for the harlot's earl grey socks, but i love these cables.
i told JP yesterday than i only had 3 or 4 socks OTN's BUT i forgot about these. drat! must knit faster. Thank goodness a snow storm is coming in again. 9" expected. not sure if that is the thurs am or pm storm, but another storm is coming friday too. :-D

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


ok. i have a confession

i love to watch making fiends and the muffin shorts too. harold being muffinless kills me everytime! (Many children get muffins for breakfast. Many children get muffins for snack. But not Harold .... Harold was muffinless. ...) this is why no child should be muffin deprived!

so when i found vendetta socks, today i thought 1- i wonder if everyone knows making fiends and 2 why aren't they green? 3 does anyone have a charlotte socks pattern-in blue of course

the series got picked up by nickeloden, but you can still watch the original webcasts. our malachai will mimmick the show's malachi and say "can not, tis blasphemous!"

Sunday, January 20, 2008

bamboo bamboo bamboo

(you have to say bamboo like larry - from the sebu' song.)

cuz i finished my bamboo socks

i love the feel and colour of this yarn. thank you becka!!!

needles: US2
Pattern: slipups

in honour of the dreary weather which promises snow, and my ear ache , i stayed in jammie pants today. are the sheep cute? not to mention they are green ofcourse.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the weekend

i got this knit up for a boutique, they sold my other ones so pray these sell, too. :-)
i love the "do over day" b/c it is a leap year. according to jewish leap year, which is also this year, there is a leap MONTH! i think january definitely qualifiyes from the month. no power, no plumbing...
yesterday we had septic & plumber guys, and still have issues b/c there is an internal leak...remember july and the bathroom cave in? well related to that. that is fil;ling the septic and the wet rainy ground is saturated and not helping.
so the stress had me knitting!

kippot details:
top on chai's head is wildefoote luxury yarn. it blocked beautifully. i hear alot of complaints about this yarn, but this turned out so well! latvian braid cast on in contrast colour.

blue one: the bamboo from knitting wounded. the drape, the texture. it is sooo yummy!
becka-would husboy like one? i was thinking of send one to you,for him.
we will have to discuss what he would like.

the mulit one is claudia handpaint "walk in the woods".
latvian braid in coordinating colour.
i love the colours of this one!

all are greetings from knit cafe's yarmulke pattern. US1 & US3 needles.

Friday, January 11, 2008

2008, yuck!

will it ever end?!
i came home from comparing ancient manuscripts, to an overflowing toilet, backed up tub...
and the septic was pumped a couple mons ago, so we knew that was not it!
today was spent snaking drains, removing the old toilet, installing a new one....snaking things again. calling sam at work and giving him plumbing updates.
blahblahblah. everything was lovely.
then i washed a load of laundry.
now we are back to square one.
and a plumber.

did i mention our landlord is MIA and we think maybe deceased?

i do not like the new year.
however i have a new love of electricity, running water, heat and good plumbing!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the beloved knitting wounded sent me a really awesome box. the power was out so i didnt get to show it to you.

....and now i have been playing with it! so it is all over. but i got a cute sock blocker WITH sock on it, 2 skeins sock memories in carnival, a yarntainer, stitchmarkers, and 2 skeins of the most perfect blue, bamboo. see:

this is the best yarn for boys! naturally antibacterial, absorbent, odor resistant. i am gonna stock up on this stuff!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i finished dad's sox waiting at the dentist yesterday...they were an hour behind, so i had a good wait.

Austerman step with jojoba and aloe oils infused into the yarn. Which made my hands soft as i knit them. i guess it lasts 30 washes. short row heels that do not match, but i am anal about the other stripes so they almost match to the toes.

Us 2 2.75 mm

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Home at last!

We lost power in the storm Friday, and got to come home today.
i am catching up on emails, but we have more storms coming in, so i may not get back to far mom and dad are still without power.7,000 up here still with out power-some till thursday!
80% of the almond orchards have been destroyed, oops sorry they say "A'mond" in the valley!

all of our trees survived. tons of branches done but nothing bigger than 3" diamater. no damage to our house. but 3 houses up has a new tree planted in the house.

I got alot of knitting done, dad's socks are almost done now.
we took some pictures of our crazy weekend, i will post those eventually :-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


by scrabblequeen

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Seven Random Facts about me…

1- i fed a cheese and mustard sandwich to a cow, in canada.
2- some "friends" tried to sell me, and hung a sheet out the window to advertise.
3- i used to be able to hold a conversation in russian. ( do not attempt this now)
4- i am allergic to peaches.
5- i used to swim even if the beach had snow on it, now i am FREEEZING at 50 degrees F
6- only 2 of our kids were planned. they others were great surprizes.
7- i am the first in my family born in the USA, on mom's side, dad's has been here since 1700's.

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