Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tirzah update

hurray we got another 3 min phone call!
tirzah recorded a radio interview. it will be broadcast in 3 countries.
burundi, tanzania and rwanda.
and she is bringing acopy home.
it is pouring rain there...and she left her poncho! oops!
there is a petrol strike in rwanda so they can only get approx 5 gals at a time.
this is creating obvious difficulties. boy do i feel guilty for griping about gas prices...atleast we could fill up if we could pay for it.

also "On Monday, the day we got to byumba, a terrible van accident happened that killed 11 students from the University here in Kigali. One was a wife of a pastor that Pastor Samuel knew very well. It affected the whole area of Byumba. On Tuesday they held a memorial service for all 11 people that were killed and we attended it. Thousands of people came to pay their respect. Only the immediate family show emotion but everyone else looked very sad.

one of the biggest challenges- poverty and the need for jobs. Only one percent of the population works to get a paycheck. All the rest are self employed in their gardens and fields trying to raise enough to feed their families."

more on tirzah's blog

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