Friday, December 05, 2008

HI we got a phone call from rwanda last night!!
actually 3...we missed the 1st 2 calls. oops!

tirzah was with the refugees (near the congo border) for 4 days, they are now beginning work with the HIV orphans. she has made 2 friends her age, Angie and Candy. she has also spoken at 2 churches.
She says it has been hard and she starts work with the Aids orphans pray for G-d to protect her heart from the destruction in these children's bodies she is going to behold & that she will bring comfort.

apparently there will be alot of photos when she gets home. :0)


Yarn It said...

You are a brave mom - and you have a very brave daughter. She is going to remember this experience her entire life.

The shawl is gorgeous!

Lesa said...

I cannot wait to see pictures!!

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