Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bat Mitzvah Baby#2

Kezzi helped me pin the sections out on the bed (the bed is a king, so that will help refrence the size. i have not measured it yet.

Shew! this shawl took 1/3 the time of the last shawl.
and we are DONE!
Kezziah had a very hard time picking her pattern and colours, b/c she didnt want to make too much work for me. :0) she is so sweet. so she finally nailled down a few designs for me to combine. i had to rewrite parts so that they would work better together. but we really like the effect.

more details on ravelry of course


kadezmom said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Shan said...

Ooh that's so lovely. I especially like the star of David in the centre, and the lovely edging.

Nell said...

Beautiful. Very well done.

Brooke Knits said...

I love the idea of a round shawl.. so you can use it as a hoodie too. That will be a project to work on..(what am I saying?? Have you seen the projects I have in the que? I've not knitted a stitch since 12/28/08...i keep thinkingof the things he asked for or I purchased but had not cast on - it makes me cry...

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