Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SHe's leaving in a jet plane...

ok, so she already landed, but still the song is in my head!
tirzah has a jam packed week including a kinryiwandan language class.
She will be on the radio while she is there, and is going to be doing a TV thingy i think before she goes. (that is on fundaising and how she "recycled for rwanda".

we are just so amazed at this coming about. last year's ER visits, kidney transplant decisions, and all the fear we had just about tomorrows coming, have been replaced with boots, misquito netting, luggage and a passport.
i am so blessed. G-d is so good.

tirzah has wanted to go to africa since she was 6.
we have books, cds, videos, and even school books on africa.the whole family has been steered westward, in her leading.
tali however hugs my neck and says "i do not want to africa".

Kezzi and india i guess will be next. :0)


Yarn It said...

Oh my. I think it is sooo cool. I would LOVE to go to Africa. I commend her for being so willing and thoughtful at such a young age. You must be proud.

Brooke Knits said...

email or pop in the mail the rowanda sock patterns (2) so I can send one to my SP pal andkeep one for me. How you holdin' up with your biggest baby girl on a jet plane?

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