Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wasp Woman

Here is a freebie pattern i designed for Super Sock Scarefest

This is part of a crazy KAL project with points and prizes.

Blame my dad who exposed me to killer clowns from outer space and my grandad for making crazy movies like attack of the killer tomatoes and night of the living dead.

and no, we do not celebrate halloween, i just like old movies, especially if you can see strings in the props. :0)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Current projects

from the last interweave, window pane socks lace wing in plum and claudia handpaint i think...
i modified the heel, to continue the striping and colour work.

this is for me, a sweater. optimum DK from SWTC in desert.

this is soo lovely to work with. what kind of sheep is an optim,though?

it is becoming the silken scabbard from stitch diva. however, i am modifying the cables cuz i have never been a fan of the horseshoe cable, so i am changing mine to a saxon braid.

i really lovely the elegeance of stitch diva patterns mixed with easy top down construction.

hopefully i will get to post on its progress again soon.


shew! after 4 wks without a car, i am actually mobile, so i can post a picture of my great HHHH box. dark picture, but the yarn is some amazing blues and it looks bought! she "chain-plied" which is like navajo i think?
i have been dying to try carbonized bamboo since i saw it at a guid meeting. thank you so much!
we have enjoyed the nutella. yummy! it is my fave thing from living in italy. we came stateside and i was devestated by peanut butter instead of nutella sandwiches!
i am looking forward to using the book, and the magazine is new to me. i have enjoyed it!
thank you so much rachel!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What 2 weeks without posting again?

so what have we been doing?
walking around the neighborhood

getting ready for Rwanda, it is killing me that she is almost a teenager.

loosing our first tooth, note the baby fairy and rose scented sparkley money?

you can always tell when it's fairy money! hurray zemeira!
i think that is my limit on pictures to upload with the cursed dial-up.

becka emailed me this morning she is doing good. a large stock of chemo tea and ginger is getting her thru radiation. please cotinue to keep her in your prayers.

sam is off filling in at a local church for a pastor today. 2 services, so i havent seen him yet, but did approve the outfit :0)

today is tisha B'av, so keep israel in prayer. also include our athletes at president while in china. there were first medals awarded and a first murder. traditionally we are to fast and pray today and read lamentations. so leave me a post with a verse that touched your heart today.
there's just a few weeks til super sock scarefest, so check out the blog. a new pattern every ten days, great prizes! it should be fun!
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