Thursday, July 24, 2008

WovenSpun IceCream Party

To Honour the "R&R and not in Iraq" moment, we are celebrating long distance with the WovenSpun Family. We are so glad you get to hug and kiss him, and are praying for for you all!

here are the kids and their sundaes!

tali ofcourse eats "sans pants" and zemeira's was so yummy she couldnt hold still for the picture


Brooke Knits said...

who is the WovenSpun family?? I hope they spin!! a perfect name. and who is not in Iraq.. nosey, hu? I got our knitting needles/hooks, they are in my car and your sause is in my spin bag..

Jersey said...

Any update on how Becka is doing? My friend with IBC went through chemo like a champ, but has been having constant problems since the surgery 3 weeks ago.

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