Thursday, July 24, 2008

Firefeeding Pictures

Here are a few pictures while i am at mom's using her wifi.....and they will actually load! :0)

here are just a few pictures of what the church looked like. the church we rent for shabbat is the heli port for our area and has an amazing overlook of the canyons. can you guess why it was a staging area?

after the fire, a quail family reminded us of G-d's provision. Every time winds were predicted, we would pary, and shofars would blast over the cayon...and the air grew still. no


Frank from outback steak house and 2 of the girls who worked there, got to be part of G-d's provision. the made amazing food for these tired guys!

the guys showered and dressed up "real purdy" for their outback dinner :0)

very often they came in shifts, and would eat then releive other strike teams so they could eat too. this made dinner from 5-8pm. usually. lunch however was 11-3pm. everytime we packed it up, there would be a new truck rolling in!

the news guys were great. i loved hearing their stories from all the years they have been doing this. they worked for world news tonight and the morning one too. so since i am TVless, if anyone taped it, please share. ( ok i have a TV but no cable, signals, etc cuz i am too far up the mountain. but we watch alot of movies. the sad thing is i moved and now hereos is coming back! i love heroes! and no DSl means no watching it on line like last year while finishing the textual criticism classes)


Shawnee said...

Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

I'm watching for those apron pix, too!

Fruitcake said...

Before Heroes begins, pass Matt a tape at Shabbat and I will tape the epsiode when I watch it and then pass Matt the tape and we can use him as an errand boy. It won't be any problem with me since I am going to be watching it anyway.

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