Thursday, June 26, 2008


i am so amazed at all that is going on here.
we have freezers that can't even be opened up b/c they are so full.
i got a massage therapist here working on guys as they come off their trucks...she could use help if there is any one in the paradise area who wants to rub down some exhausted firefighters!

men in uniform in the kitchen making US dinner tonight!? is there anything cuter than that?!

i started out tuesday thinking we can do better, we can treat these guys better.
now i am amazed at the out pouring of our community to the brave guys.
i really dont think we can do any better than what has been done.

NO MORE FOOD needs to be brought for the next 24 hrs.

spoken to soon! another truck load of food.

please send chapstick, baby wipes, baby powder....oh, and eyedrops!
and stop calling the church at night! there are firefighters trying to sleep. :0)


Marisol said...

You are such a blessing to these people! Good for you that God is using you in a mighty way!

Anonymous said...

I had fun being Chief Pan Washer last night. LOL. Sorry I had to go before our firemen showed up. I did see a truck as I was heading down Clark Road!! Luv ya. (Brooke)

MLJ1954 said...

My prayers are with you, your family and all those who are keeping you safe and out of harm's way. You are a blessed and generous person.

I love the pics of the new home.

Mary Lynn

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