Wednesday, June 25, 2008

out of the smoke....

i arise to post!
the new house is wonderful.
no TV
no DSL
and for a while there no Phone

we are under a thick veil of smoke. last night i had the honour to feed 30 some firefighters who are trying to keep the fires back from our homes. they are bay area guys, warf rats, and el cerrito, and i forget the rest.
after working at the house i was going to skip prayer that night, but shmuli was unlocking the church and the guys were asking to please use the bathroom. turned out these guys had been living off power bars and MRE types of stuff. so we ran dowm to buy them chicken and food, while at Holiday ( our local grocery), the deli workers bought and contributed food, the customers and the manager by the time we left had filled us up with 2 carts of food.
so we got to feed these wonderful guys a worthy meal.
then they were gonna sleep on the trucks and the rocks!
so Shmuli got the church all set up for them to sleep in there. way up at the new house the fire fighters are in a cushy bunk house with freezers of food, but the magalia strike forces are just out there. :0(
so we got a team to feed them breakfast this morning.
i am gonna try to get the Fit1 to give them showers. and we got them set up with a washer and dryer.

so the contest!
i know yopu are all dying to know who wins becka's last day yarn!
well first an update on becka, her surgery went well. HURRAY! HusBoy called me and let me know she was good. we have no cell reception at the house. its like i live in a cyberless bubble! but i did finally get the message.
i have to get my hubby off for his "MAN retreat" guns and bibles ya know.
then i will pull a name using the random number generator tonight. :0)

pray for our smokey lungs! (even my roses are covered in ashes)
and pray for our firefighters


Nell said...

Take care of those lungs. It's even smoky/hazy up here by the Bay. It's so strange.

kadezmom said...

Yours and all the generosity shown just made me smile. Very largely. More prayers to be sent up for all!

Marisol said...

Yes please do take care of yourselves! The smoke is pretty thick this morning! We had a fire out her in Brisbane right next to SF... Nothing in comparison though to what you all have been experiencing.

It is so wonderful to hear that your community is taking care of those amazing firefighters!

Glad to hear from you I've been wonderinf how you were doing:)

moo said...

Down here in Southern Ca, but how we love our firefighters! We will surely pray for you (I man an email prayer chain) Blessings~Julie

bubbebobbie said...

Heatherly did find the Firemen showers and then things got amazing in a way that you can only say God is awesome. after letting everyone on line know the state of our firefighters, the guys at thenet411 put together a firefighter bbq in three hours four over 100 firemen. Heatherly was there all day (on a possible broken foot) and fed them lunch provided by a few churches and business. By the evening, the church had more food than it could store! All donations. Tomorrow the Eagle Lodge in Paradise is coming up to cook Breakfast and then I will have grandbabies while Heatherly goes back to our heros.

Please keep us in your prayers there are so many fires , so many firefighters and more lightening is forecasted for Friday.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie
(you can see photos on my blog)

SP said...

Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job taking care of the men and women on the front line. Take care of yourself.

Turtle said...

wow, glad to hear you have made it through (for the worst at least so far) and things are slowly getting back to normal. Those fires are always crazy and scary. Good for becka and the surgery!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

You are an amazing woman; I want to be you when I grow up!

I am doing remarkably well after surgery, thank you to everyone for their concern. I got my pathology reports back, good margins and only tiny tumors left over from the chemo. Yay!

Lots of love and take care of that foot!

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