Saturday, June 07, 2008

here we go into june....

How do we know it is June? well, ZenGarden's new June colurs arrived, pictured here with May's.

Tali is cute, isnt she. it has nothing to do with june though
but, kezzi spinning with a navajo spindle at the threshing bee, is very June.
this year the threshing bee and shavuot are at the same time. which is really cool. it is all harvest themed. we will be there again tomorrow.
Wanna know what else we have going on this month?
Me too!

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Lynn said...

Wow that looks like an awfully busy summer to me!!! Have fun on your move next week, do NOT envy you that!

BTW can I assume you are going for the yarn?

And that Zen is, well, zen! LOL

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