Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yom HaShoah reading

Those who cannot remember the past are comdemned to repeat it ...

i was asked if there are any celebrations for today. no.
it is a world wide day of mourning.
but it is something that has to be talked about, so we can save others from experiencing the same autrocities.

one of my favourite books is conscience and courage.
it talks about those who hid and helped jews survive.

the older girls have i am a star.

i never saw another butterfly is incredibly touching. the houston holocaust museum is collecting butterflies for an exhibit, one for each of the 1.5 million children who was lost.

this one is a newer one to our family. it helps explain it to children, as much as you can explain genocide. ( i wonder if the anne frank website has updated their genocide list to include rwanda , tibet, and darfur. it had only bosnia listed as the latest known act.

last year we had the priviledge of meeting rosemary schindler, yes of the oskar schindler family.
trying to explain to the children why her family was so loved and respected, was something that words fail at.

my family emmigrated to canada from skopje ( it has only about 30 jews there today). i had relatives at the Jasenovac camp, my great-great aunts and grandmother. i dont have many pictures. but this one is my great grandmother teresa weiss. my favourite picture of her is on the streets with these signs in german protesting hitler and the nazis.
i want that courage to stand up against evil.

my other favourite picture of her is with my great grandfather in ontario on the front porch of their house. the are the 2 old, cute people. it is hard to look at that picture and see the people who experienced so many things.

so pull out your paper clips, light candles, and say the kaddish today.

to watch, this was done by my friend sally klein oconnor


cecily said...

Remind Tirzah she needs to checkin!!

teabird said...


Plum Texan said...

That someday, starting now, we will live in a world where No More and Never Again truly mean something.

In solidarity with all those of blessed memory, all those forgotten, all those here, and all those yet to be born.

Peace and blessings...

Brooke Knits said...

now I know why i missed you yesterday - love you..

bubbebobbie said...

Have i told you lately how incredibly proud i am to be your mama!
I love you!

keri said...

I love how you and your family have such a heart of remembrance and love and deep tradition.

Theresa said...

Thank you for sharing all the information/links. Is it always the same day, May 1? It was neat to see the picture of your Grandma. Is Tirzah the Hebrew form of Teresa? I just wondered because I am also a Theresa. I haven't read your blog for awhile but read on Ruth's that you met and it reminded me to come visit! :o)

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