Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so i had to tell Becka first

but i cut my hair

(those of you wondering who that short haired girl hubby was kissing is...yep, its me!)

it is on its wayto Locks of Love.

ignore those greys!

So tomorrow is Becka's Last Day of chemo.

Her deboobing is my bday, June 23.

so to help raise awareness for Inflammatory Breast Cancer i am gonna have a lil contest.

2 ways to win and 2 prizes

1-you can leave a comment about 1 thing you learned about IBC, who cares if someone else says it first, if its what you learned, say it any way. Winner will get a Sockaida sock bag- hand madeby me, inspired by


2-if you cut and donate your hair to locks for love between tomorrow and june 23...documented evidence needed ( we want the gorey pictures of the hacking off!) you will be entered to win yarn. cuz yarn is warm and wonderful and makes us feel better.
2 skeins of becka's last day sock yarn!

extra bonus tickets for the drawing will be awarded to those who blog about it or chat about it on ravelry ( send me links!) and thpose who donate 15" or more will get bonus points too.

come on. its summer you know you want a cute lil bobbed hairdo!


Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Neener-neener-neener, I knew first!

Let's see, I learned that I have IBC. The really funny thing is, right after I was diagnosed but right before I got all the details I was reading through the breast cancer book they gave me. I read the little section on IBC and said "well, thank goodness I don't have this, that would suck".

Funny how things work out ;P

Julie said...

I have to tell you that even though I've volunteered for Relay For Life several times I'd not heard of IBC before. I had to go Google it and read about it. I think that's a good thing as now I'll pay a lot more attention if I get swollen lymph nodes in my breasts or armpits. Sadly I haven't got hair long enough to donate but I donate money regularly through the Relay site which provides funding for basic cancer research. Best of luck Becka, we'll all be rooting for you!

Adelle said...

Wow, that was so incredibly generous!

I never knew anything before about IBC, so I did some research this morning. I had no idea that your breasts actually swell, but I guess that makes sense given the name... I also know that it can sometimes be confused with a breast infection, which is something else I never knew existed, so you need to be careful if you think you could possibly have it and make sure it is not misdiagnosed.

And it is only 1-6% of all breast cancer cases in the US. Had no idea.


Catherine Kerth said...

WOW! I learned that you don't have to have a lump to have Breast Cancer! Why didn't anyone tell us this?

Heatherly, You are a generous friend. My hair isn't long enough to donate :( but its close! so I'm going to keep growing it!

My little next door neighbor had beautiful naturally curly hair down to her butt, and she donated 15" last week! she cut it up to her ears. she is a super sweet 9 year old with the world on her sholders ;)

trek said...

I need a haircut but Locks o' Love won't take my piddling inch!

Great contest - much luck to everyone who enters.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Aww, thanks to everyone for their super-sweet comments! Heatherly, when do we get to see the new 'do?

Sharon Rose said...

I was already familiar with IBC (I'm an acupuncturist) but a reminder is always good! Thanks for spreading the word!

I keep my hair is short now, but when I cut it from butt-length in 2001 I donated it. *hug*

Kristen said...

I remember learning that not all breast cancers were tumors, and that IBC was routinely missed/ignored by women because they thought only lumps meant cancer. I'm definitely more aware now.
And I have a long ponytail that was cut years ago (12?) but I don't know if they will take "old" hair.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I'm not here to enter, but I will post on my blog. I just went from shoulder length to crew cut a few months ago, but gave the hair to make oil-slick cleanup mats (this was shortly after the spill here in SF).

Elaine said...

I am a breast cancer patient myself and cut my hair and donated it (it was very long and hadn't been cut in about 30 years) right before my first chemo treatment. Now I definitely do not have enough hair to donate, but encourage people to do it. My daughter, who is 20, has done it 3 times (starting well before I was diagnosed). I have just "ordinary" breast cancer - tough enough.

Ironically, I had never heard about IBC even after my diagnosis until a few months ago when 2 of my friends were diagnosed with it. One was nursing her second baby when her breast really swelled up. They thought it had to do with engorged milk gland and dismissed it. Told her to stop nursing and the swelling would go away. She is now finishing chemo and once she has recuperated, she will have the mastectomy. The other friend has already had the surgery and seems to be doing very well. I am praying for them both and will add Becka to my prayers.

And I'll post this on my blog

Rachel O said...

I'm Rachel, Elaine's daughter and as she said, I donated my hair three times to Locks of Love over a 4 year period. My hair grows quickly and what can feel better than helping a sick child feel better because they look better. The first time I did it I was in middle school and donated 16". I did it as part of the mitzvah (good deed) project for my bat mitzvah.

I learned about IBC recently because a family friend was diagnosed and my mother and I googled it because she had never heard of it, even though she had breast cancer herself.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I didnt know about IBC I thought you had to have a lump in your breast to have breast cancer.Thankyou so much for bringing this to everyones attention it could save lives.I blogged about the contest here:
I found a podcast that I listened to and put that link on my blog also.
I have very short hair cut it all of last year when I went into menopause.Sorry I couldnt help more.Hugs Darcy

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I posted on my group knotty knitter on Ravelry about IBC here:http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/knotty-knitter/209512/1-25 Hugs Darcy/knottyknitter40

Katiebell said...

My grandmother died of breast cancer so I am always on the look out for these kind of things. I knew a little about IBC but learned most of my information from a book Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. IBC can be misdiagnosed as an infected bugbite that can be hot to the touch. It is an agressive type of cancer.
Thank you for this great blog about it.
Ravelry ID Katiebell

Kathy said...

Okay Here's what my daughter taught me:

Can start as a rash or spot on the breast

It is a fast progressive disease

Pain and swelling may occur and it is often misdiagnosed at mastitis.

Treatment: radical mastectomy.

danielle said...

Kudos to you for spreading the word...3 of us recently have had breast cancer scares. 2 of us are fine and no cancer diagnosis. The first had IBC and mastectomy but she is doing very well.

About 5 years ago I donated my hair to Locks of Love....dont have the something in me to grow it again! 2 years ago my daughter organized a cut-in at her work and not only donated her hair but got quite a few people to do so. And every other year my son cuts his and donates it. Now we just keep trying and working on my other daughter...

The one thing I learned about IBC: that the statistics have risen - thanks to the increase in use of mammography! Go and get your boobs squeezed girls!

Aunt Kathy said...

I have learned that some things can be put off but not a mammogram.

I am also planning a hair cut in the near future, it's down to my back now and if it's acceptable I will also donate and document.

I read knitting wounded's blog as well.

theblondeknitter said...

get thee to a yearly mammogram! and tell everyone else you know to do the same. it's a very important thing that shouldn't be overlooked or poo-pooed.

my daughter and i (and my SIL) have all donated our hair to locks of love for a few years now. it's feels so good to know we can help in some way.
kudos to you for porposing this challenge!

theblondeknitter said...

sorry, i was trying to type the word propose! ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture of your new hairdo!! NOW darn it NOW! Also, I love the bumper sticker "save the tatas" (Brooke)

lizardknits said...

I didn't know anything about IBC before now - thanks for the info.
I'd donate to locks of love, but my hair's only a couple of inches long, so it's too short already.
Elizabeth H. (lizard_knits AT hotmail DOT com)

Jersey said...

I learned about this when a colleague was diagnosed. I had to look it up and discovered that there were no "lump" and that is was often very aggressive.

patti said...

Inflammatory Breast Cancer needs exposure.
Education is POWER....

We are moving forward and getting the word out. In my daughters memory I will go forward and spread the word, that this breast cancer needs light shed upon it.

((And Jersey, it is THEE most aggressive of breast cancers, and is stage 3b by the time it is diagnosed. There are only 4 stages to cancer...and research is badly needed.))

Patti Bradfield
The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

MLJ1954 said...


Actually, my daughter (age 14) and I had our hair cut on April 29. It was the second time for me and a lot easier this time. We went to a beauty school and the students were terrified. Finally, I asked mine if she wanted me to cut it off? She kept asking me if I was sure and I said "you know its only hair." And, in the grand scheme and all the things I am blessed with what's a little hair?

By the way, if anyone is near an Aveda school, they will cut your hair for free if it is being donated to Locks for Love.

God bless you on spreading the word!

Jenny M said...

I had not realized that you could have breast cancer without lumps!

EJ said...

I learned that IBC is very hard to diagnose, grows very quickly, and involves swelling rather than discrete lumps.

Elaine said...

Me again. My breast cancer, which is not IBC, did not have a "feelable" lump because it was very deep. It also wasn't detected on a mammogram for quite a while. When it finally was visualized the first time, 3 different radiologists read the films and agreed that it was overlapping tissue and decided that since it would have to be an excisional biopsy and it was very deep, the best course would be to leave it and redo the mammo in 6 months. In 6 months when the mammo was redone, it was fairly clear that it was a tumor (and it had spread to the lymph nodes).

So what is the message? Have regular mammograms, but understand that they are not infallible. And if there is something suspicious at least make sure that it is followed closely. Don't just hope that it will go away.

ikkinlala said...

I've heard of IBC before but didn't really know anything about it. I learned that it can show up as a rash.

5elementknitr said...

I learned that IBC is something I'd never heard of and that you don't have to have a lump to have breast cancer. Scary!

Knitmomma said...

I learned that IBC existed! Everything about it was new info to me. Wow, thanks for the education.

I'd love to donate my hair, but it's not long enough yet. Not sure it will grow long enough, but I'm trying!

knittinwolf said...

I learned that IBC even existed. Never had heard of it before. I know I'm past your contest but love how you donated to locks for love...I've done it before too and its so wonderful knowing someone will be blessed with it. Going to be doing it again soon. Wanted it done before we went on vacation to Morro Bay but my hair lady doesn't work much. I'll pray for Becca too. I have a friend myself going through chemo for breast cancer...third friend to go through it. hugs

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