Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 weeks?

yikes! sorry for not blogging!
i am currently in my foxhole knitting my sockwars socks "the detanator" pattern.
but i also have "work" knitting i have been doing.

i went away to sonora, it was wonderful, massages, an open bar...not that kind of bar, a far better open "Starbuck-ish" coffee bar,, mountains, and great friends. i drug a couple of the women up here along with me this year and we had so much fun.

last night we took our kids, and 3 other familes and their kids joined us, for prince caspian. a good movie, but not as true to the text as i would have liked. aslan of course peirced my heart, "why didnt you come when i called"
how often do we hear G-d calling and not follow?

you may get some pictures this week. we shall see...sam's car is getting fixed as we speak so thursday i should have my car back. whoohoo!
we did get SOME of our tax stimulas, but they think we are a single parent household i guess, and we didnt get the joint-filing-married couple money. :0( so knowing i was stuck at home and we had $, shmuli was so cool! he went to 2 yarn stores this week, and surprised me with presents! i will show you the yarn tomorrow hopefully. :0)

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Shan said...

That part of the book always gets me. "You should have followed me even if no one came with you."

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